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Arts and Humanities Research Board


Each of the three following postgraduate schemes has its own subject domain, and offers support for those studying full-time or part-time.

Studentships in the Humanities competitions:

Competition A provides one-year and two-year studentships funding full-time study on Master's courses; Competition B funds studentships of up to three years for full-time study, or of up to five years for part-time study, for a doctoral degree.

Professional and Vocational Awards (PVA)

PVA support students undertaking a full-time, postgraduate Diploma or Master's course in certain practice-based professional and vocational areas of study.

Awards for Doctoral Study in the Creative and Performing Arts

This pilot scheme of awards was introduced in 2000 and covers a number of areas which, until now, have not benefited from awards for doctoral study. This scheme provides awards for those intending to undertake a Ph.D. in the following practice-based subject areas: art and design; practice-based media studies; creative writing; drama, dance and performing arts; musical performance.


Research Grant Scheme

Provides up to £100,000 a year for up to five years, to substantial research projects which may involve some teamwork. Funding for research students is now also available through this scheme as academic members of staff may include in their application the cost of supporting postdoctoral students who are undertaking work which contributes to the research project.

Small Grants in the Creative and Performing Arts Scheme

Offers up to £5,000 to meet the direct costs of research projects, including such items as travel, maintenance and consumables.

Research Leave Scheme

Provides funding for research leave of three or four months. The period funded by the AHRB must be matched by a preceding period funded by the institution.

Fellowships in the Creative and Performing Arts Scheme

Provides support for the appointment of full-time research fellows in the creative and performing arts. This scheme includes two fellowships in partnership with the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation for practice-based research within or into the Japanese creative and performing arts.

Research Exchanges

Promotes and supports collaboration between researchers in academic departments and colleagues who work in, for example, libraries, archives museums, galleries, studios and theatres. This will often be in the form of a three or four month period of secondment.

Research Centres Scheme

Funds new or existing centres to undertake strategically important research across all areas of the arts and humanities. The Board provides money to set up and run the centres, which have access to funds for five years.

Resource Enhancement Scheme

Strengthens, or makes more accessible, important resources and collections by providing awards to meet the costs of proposals to improve the utilisation and accessibility of research resources and materials of all kinds. The maximum length of an award is three years, with maximum expenditure of £100,000 permitted in any one year.

For more detailed information on schemes and financial arrangements please see the AHRB website at http://www.ahrb.ac.uk/ or contact The Arts and Humanities Research Board at 10 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH (tel. 020 7969 5205; fax 020 7969 5405) for postgraduate awards, or Northavon House, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QD (tel. 0117 931 7417; fax 0117 931 7157) for advanced research awards.

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