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Preliminary Examinations, 2001

In addition to the amendments of the regulations for Preliminary Examinations which were announced in Reporter, p. 859, the General Board have approved the following amendments of the regulations for the Preliminary Examination for Part I of the Oriental Studies Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 226). Notification of these amendments was received from the Faculty Board of Oriental Studies too late for inclusion in the earlier Notice.


Regulation 2.

Hebrew Studies

By amending the title of Paper H. 3 so as to read 'Modern Hebrew language and literature'.

Japanese Studies

By amending the titles of Papers J.1-J. 4 so as to read:

J.  1.  Modern Japanese.

J.  2.  Modern Japanese texts, 1.

J.  3.  Modern Japanese texts, 2.

J.  4.  Introduction to Japanese Studies.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 July 2000
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