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Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II, Astrophysics

The regulations for the special subject Astrophysics in Part II of the Natural Sciences Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 351) have been amended, with effect from 1 October 2001, as follows:

Regulation 32.

By replacing the examination requirements for Astrophysics as follows:

Astrophysics. Each candidate shall

(a) offer four written papers of three hours each;

(b) submit records of practical, project, or other work. Such work shall be prescribed from time to time by the Director of the Institute of Astronomy, and shall be carried out in accordance with instructions which shall be announced not later than the division of the Michaelmas Term next preceding the examination. As an indication of good faith, each candidate shall submit, with the records of his or her work, a declaration that these instructions have been observed. The Examiners shall, if they request, be provided by the Director with assessments of the work submitted by the candidates, and shall take account of this work in drawing up the class-list. The Examiners shall have power

(i) if they consider that submitted work is not sufficiently legible, to require that it be resubmitted in typescript;
(ii) at their discretion to examine a candidate viva voce.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 July 2000
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