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Approved for degrees, certificates, and diplomas

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

N. J. Brewin, M.A., Ph.D., K

J. Klinowski, M.A., CAI

D. A. J. Rand, M.A., Ph.D., TH

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

F. Alderton, CC. The antiproliferative effects of somatostatin

D. K. Baeschlin, W. Butanediacetals in oligosaccharide synthesis: total synthesis of a GPI anchor

S. J. Baldwin, JN. Quantifying the development of a deep sedimentary basin: the Bonaparte basin, NW Australia

M. J. Bardell, CL. The emergence of narrative secular allegory in Old French and Occitan before 1273

L. Ben-Tovim, CL. NMR studies of Ras p21 and its interactions

G. G. Bianchi, ED. Iceland basin palaeocurrents and climate change over the past 80,000 years

J. M. Blake, SID. Method or madness? A contextual approach to researching environmental values

G. Bosgelmez, W. Regulation of carbapenem antibiotic synthesis genes in Erwinia carotovora subspecies carotovora

J. W. P. Campbell, T. Sir Christopher Wren, the Royal Society, and the development of structural carpentry 1660-1710

R. J. Carter, CAI. Behavioural characterisation of a transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease

C-H. A. Chang, W. Reasoning about security protocols

S. Cinà, JN. Electron dynamics in spatially modulated electrostatic and magnetic fields

M. P. Collings, DAR. Alkyne coupling reactions on palladium catalysts

R. Cooney, W. Cooperative breeding and reproductive skew in the Damaraland mole-rat

M. I. Crankshaw, F. Fabrication and properties of fibrous preforms

F. A. Darbyshire, G. Crustal structure of central and northern Iceland

M. C. Davey, CAI. Error-correction using low-density parity-check codes

G. Deshais, CLH. Stress corrosion cracking in Al based alloys

C. L. Dobson, CL. The role of fusion proteins in leukaemogenesis

M. Donghi, JE. Synthesis of polyketide-type libraries via aldol reactions performed on solid phase

V. A. Doughty, CL. The total syntheses of (+)-concanamycin F and (-)-tetrahydrolipstatin

T. M. Dudley, CC. Incremental structures and wear patterns of teeth for age assessment of red deer

Y-W. S. Fung, SE. The synthesis of novel organic materials for radiation detection

M. J. Fyvie, W. The generation of FLP-induced sectors in arabidopsis

A. L. González-Muñoz, T. Studies of major histocompatibility complex polymorphism and the CD4/CD8 T cell ratio in rats

S. Graham, EM. Representation development in associative systems

D. Grinev, CAI. Statistical mechanics of granular materials

S. A. Haywood, JN. The GnRH network: noradrenaline and sex steroids

S. R. Henderson, SID. Single photon responses of Drosophila photoreceptors

J. W. D. Hobro, CHU. Three-dimensional tomographic inversion of combined reflection and refraction seismic travel-time data

M. J. Horton, JN. Stereocontrol in the polymerisation of methyl methacrylate

D. House, CHU. Asymmetric synthesis of saturated oxygen heterocycles using phenylsulfanyl migration

A. R. Isles, DAR. Investigations of parent of origin effects in the olfactory system

A. Jameson, CTH. The efficiency of star formation in dusty galaxies

C. R. Jones, M. A measurement of the inclusive semileptonic branching fractions of b hadrons

D. D. Jones, DAR. Protein-domain interactions and substrate channelling in multienzyme complexes

J. R. B. Knowling, G. Helium atom scattering: experiment and the interpretation of experiment

D. I. M. Lainé, F. Dispiroketals in synthesis: studies towards the synthesis of the C18-C28 fragment of Altohyrtin A

D. Lee, DAR. Structural studies of the solid-liquid interface using real-time diffraction

H. B. Lee, CAI. Studies on novel linker technologies for solid phase combinatorial chemistry

J. C. Lee, JN. X-ray reflection and variability in active galactic nuclei

W-Y. Lee, W. Magnetisation reversal in ferromagnetic thin films and mesostructures

J. B. Lethbridge, M. The implications of evidence in critical practice: meanings, texts, and history

S. H. Y. Loh, CHU. Molecular and genetic characterisation of Drosophila Sox50E and Sox100B

S. Lombardelli, TH. Modulation of the firing of secretory cells in the supraoptic nucleus of the rat by the light-dark cycle and by gonadal steroids

S. A. Mang, M. Polymerisations in supercritical carbon dioxide

T. P. Marlow, PET. Far-infrared studies of coupled two-dimensional electron and hole gases

J. A. McAllister, JE. Lattice effects in layered transition metal oxides

R. W. McDowell, JN. Processes involved in controlling phosphorus release to surface and sub-surface runoff

G. M. Moore, SID. Nietzsche's biologism: nineteenth century theories of evolution and degeneration in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche

K. Nasu, N. Molecular characterisation and functional study of porcine CD31

C. W. A. Naus, CAI. Human immunity to schistosomiasis: epidemiological and other factors influencing specific antibody responses

B. T. A. Niemoller, CHU. West German foreign policy, France, and the question of a political Europe, 1958-1963

J. Novak, JN. Simulated mesoscopic structures in a ferroelastic lattice

N. B. O'Connor, JE. The periphery of the Greek world? Mortuary practices and social change in the North Pontic region

A. S. Oldfield, JN. The application of second harmonic generation and sum frequency generation to the study of the methanol synthesis reaction

M. Oliynyk, JN. The gene cluster for monensin biosynthesis

S. S. Owen, CC. A theory of Greek colonisation: EIA Thrace and initial Greek contacts

J. W. Peirce, HH. Effects of hemispheric asymmetry and configural coding in sheep face recognition

C. W. Phoon, DOW. Development of solid phase synthetic methodologies for combinatorial chemistry

P-H. Plantevin, CTH. The oxidizing capacity of the troposphere

B. Promdonkoy, CAI. Molecular biology of a microbial toxin

E. Pugh, N. Pressure studies on strongly interacting electron systems

S. A. Raynor, Q. Novel heterogenised ferrocenyl complexes

M. J. Ridley, SID. Molecular genetics of coproporphyrinogen oxidase in cyanobacteria

S. D. Roughley, CC. retro-cope eliminations: synthesis of histrionicotoxins and pyrrolidines

J. E. Rudling, DOW. Agonist-specific coupling of a cloned human Φ2A-Adrenergic receptor

L. Scaccianoce, F. Mono- and polynuclear derivatives of ruthenium: a study of the chemistry and the solid state intermolecular interactions

M. A. Shinn, K. Eden in the work of John Ruskin

C. L. Shrank, DOW. English humanism and national identity (1530-1570)

M. G. Simpson, HH. Steroid and heterocycle-based macrocyclic N-Acyl hydrazones

H. Sinha, DOW. Molecular control of phenotype in Pseudomanas tolaasii

C. L. Sleigh, CL. Six legs better: a cultural history of entomology in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century

A. C. Stacey, DOW. Bullying and peer relations in two primary schools

D. S. Thomas, T. Photothermal deflection spectroscopy: design, realisation, and implementation in organic semiconductor research

S. Titmuss, CTH. A new approach to surface structure determination by low energy electron diffraction

D. R. P. Tree, DOW. The role of prickle in the specification of planar polarity in Drosophila melanogaster

D. M. Tyler, DOW. The role of E(spl) in Notch signalling

Q. Wang, CHU. Protein engineering and structural studies of Groel minichaperones

S. P. Wither, Q. The role of arginine biosynthetic enzymes in the pathogencity of Venturia inaequalis

K. K. S. Wu, JN. Non-gravitational heating in the hierarchical formation of groups and clusters

N. P. Yeung, DOW. Switching between simple cognitive tasks: interactions between executive control and task properties

C. Yuan, JE. Thermal shock behaviour of ceramics with porous and layered structures

A. A. Zabron, EM. Plastid control of nuclear gene expression

Master of Science

G. C. Robins, T. Strain-sensing piezoresistive cantilevers

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Biological Science

R. V. Blake, NH S. J. Muller, F
G. H. H. Borner, F R. S. E. Siregar, DOW

Examination in Chemistry

C. R. Chong, EM

Examination in European Literature

C. Piccinini, CTH

Examination in Microelectronic Engineering and Semiconductor Physics

S. Chakraborty, DOW C-Y. Liang, TH

Examination in Physics

P. G. Niklowitz, JN N. A. Rubin, CHU

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Chemistry)

The Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Biology, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Chemistry) to the following:

M. D. Bolger, T

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