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Natural Sciences Tripos, Part IA

The regulations for the Natural Sciences Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 343) have been amended as set out below. On the recommendation of the Committee for the Natural Sciences Tripos, the General Board have approved the introduction of two new subjects in Part IA of the Tripos, entitled Evolution and Behaviour and Physiology of Organisms, replacing the existing subjects Biology of Organisms and Physiology. The regulations have been amended, with effect from 1 October 2000, as follows:

Regulations 9 and 15.

By retitling the subject 'Biology of Organisms' in Part IA of the Tripos by 'Evolution and Behaviour'.

By retitling the subject 'Physiology' in Part IA by 'Physiology of Organisms'.

Regulation 14.

By replacing the words 'Physiology in Part IA' by the words 'Physiology of Organisms in Part IA'.

Regulation 16(b).

By deleting in sub-paragraph (i) the subject 'Biology of Organisms'.

By inserting in the list of subjects in sub-paragraph (iii) the subject 'Evolution and Behaviour'.

By amending sub-paragraph (v) so as to read:

(v) one written paper of three hours, a practical examination, and the submission of note-books containing records of practical work:

Physiology of Organisms.

Regulation 16(c).

By inserting after the words 'in Chemistry by the Head of the Department of Chemistry,' the words 'in Evolution and Behaviour by the Heads of the Departments of Plant Sciences and Zoology jointly,'.

Regulation 17(b).

By replacing the words 'Biology of Organisms' by the words 'Evolution and Behaviour'.

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