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Approved for degrees and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Letters

J. M. Winter, Ph.D., PEM

Doctor of Science

C. A. Gilligan, M.A., K

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

I. R. Adams, DAR. Spindle pole body duplication in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

T. J. Ahnert, JN. Christian Thomasius' theory of natural law in its religious and natural philosophical context

A. Akhlaque, CAI. A political economy of industrial policy and development: a comparative study of Pakistan and Malaysia

S. J. An, DAR. Molecular characterization of syncollin, a novel syntaxin-binding protein

C. N. G. Anderson, TH. Induction of apoptosis by cytosine arabinoside in sympathetic neurons

T. K. Anderson, CC. The Hungarian uprising of 1956 and Soviet foreign policy

C. Arena, Q. Local properties of tetrahedral amorphous carbon investigated by scanning tunnelling microscopy

A. E. Armitage, EM. Music theory in nineteenth-century Germany as a context for Wagner's Götterdämmerung

S. Armstrong, K. Film and video restoration using rank-order models

K. A. Blencoe, DOW. The friction of sliding surfaces carrying adsorbed lubricant layers

J. J. Bolger, PET. Three dimensional design of compressor blades

T. L. Braisher, CAI. Genetic variation in trichostrongylid parasites of the Soay sheep of St Kilda

S. L. Burton, CAI. Structure-function analysis of a Bacillus thuringiensis entomocidal toxin

G. D. Butler, CHU. A dynamic analysis of the Stored Angular Momentum earthquake actuator used with the equivalent shear beam container

S. Cai, HH. Construction of a herpes simplex virus type 1 derived vector for targeted long term gene expression in the mammalian nervous system

R. Chicot, NH. Maternal anxiety levels and mother-child interactions

S. Chikunya, F. Microbial protein synthesis and fibre digestion in the rumen in relation to the form of supplementary nitrogen

A. A. Costa, T. Segregation, customary law and the governance of Africans in South Africa, c. 1910-1929

A. M. Crago, CL. Virulence-related outer membrane proteins of Salmonella typhimurium

J. A. Downs, K. The role of Ku in retrotransposition in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

D. M. Dwyer, CHU. Learning about absent stimuli

S. L. Fitzharding, SID. Growing up gay: a retrospective study of accomplished adults

J. A. Forrest, PEM. Modelling of ground vibration from underground railways

R. B. Furness, CTH. The flagellar master operon flhDC: a fulcrum controlling swarm cell differentiation of Proteus mirabilis

K. Gaus, N. Interpreting the efficacy of low-density lipoprotein specific ligands with surface plasmon resonance

N. V. Gondhalekar, PEM. Indian nationalism and 'Hindu' politics: Maharashtra and the Hindu Mahasabha, 1920-1948

A. J. Gritten, W. Stravinsky's voices

T. Hack, CC. Stick-slip piezoelectric actuators

X. Han, CHU. Variable structure control of robot manipulators with computational efficiency

R. P. W. Havers, PEM. Changi from myth to history

Y. He, HH. The regulation and importance of angiogenesis in placental development

M. J. Hopkins, W. Characterisation of the human intestinal microbiota based on community cellular fatty acid analysis and ribosomal RNA measurements

A. R. Huggett, K. The hidden Markov model applied to document restoration and sequence matching

R. M. Hughes, DAR. The effect of diet on endogenous N-nitrosation and DNA damage

T. Isobe, CHU. Biosynthesis of inner-core LPS of Bordetella

P. Jizba, F. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium quantum field theory

M. L. Johns, JN. MRI studies and modelling of two-phase liquid systems in porous media

K. C. Kee, CHR. Particle impacts on impeller blades

J. A. Kramer, DAR. A longitudinal study of nutritional status, body function and quality of life in inoperable lung cancer

J. Li, W. On producing large air fuel ratio changes with low torque disturbance in spark ignition engines

T. Loustas, K. The overture in England from the Restoration to the mid-eighteenth century

M. T. R. Lower, PET. Papal authority and the 'Barons' Crusade' of 1239

K. R. McConkey, SE. Gibbons as seed dispersers in the rain-forests of central Borneo

E. A. M. Magee, DAR. The effect of dietary sulphur sources on sulphide production in the human large intestine

J. C. Malt, G. Object and fetish in constructions of a surrealist revolutionary aesthetic

J. Manoharmayum, T. Mod n representations arising from elliptic curves and abelian surfaces

H. S. Mumtaz, PEM. The effect of process conditions on aggregation during precipitation of calcium oxalate monohydrate (COM)

P. K. Nicholls, G. The viral life cycle and host immune response during canine oral papillomavirus infection

K. P. Nott, W. Measurement of temperature changes in food by MRI

D. J. Park, TH. Development of a novel membrane-acting immunolysin

J. A. Powell, K. After Scriabin: six composers and the development of Russian music

T. L. Rowland, M. Molecular approaches to the study of cytokine gene regulation and immunomodulation by thalidomide and dexamethasone

J. E. Sale, CAI. Constitutive immunoglobulin gene hypermutation in vitro

B. San Martin, JN. The terminal mesoderm in Drosophila: specification and patterning

L. M. W. Shaw-Taylor, T. Proletarianisation, parliamentary enclosure and the household economy of the labouring poor 1750-1850

F. M. Smith, DAR. Molecular determinants of P2X2 receptor function

D. A. Sorrell, DAR. CycD cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases in tobacco BY-2 cells

L. A. Stapley, CL. The coevolution of ants and Acacia trees in East Africa

A. J. Tunley, K. Coarticulatory influences of liquids on vowels in English

N. A. Videbæk, LC. Isolation and characterisation of GAD specific CD8+ T cells from the nonobese diabetic (NOD) mouse

G. H. Vieira da Silva Neves, CHU. Kinetics of vesicle cycling in the synaptic terminal of depolarizing bipolar cells isolated from the goldfish retina

E. G-T. Wee, HH. Expression of yeast and mammalian Golgi-localized proteins in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in European Literature

A. P. Barrie, JE A. A. F. Laird, CAI
A. F. Billington, CL M. Liston, M
C. H. Boyle, G J. A. B. Osborne, CC
T. J. Caldin, CL J. E. Page, K
B. Chambost, N E. A. Saxton, JN
F. W. Dassori, CAI W. G. Schmidt, TH
R. M. Devereaux, JN J. M. Shearer, DAR
J. E. Dewhurst, K U. B. C. Stock, N
V. J. Dutchman-Smith, DOW A. Thidemann, EM
N. S. Elzeer, SID L. T. Thomas, Q
S. Faulkner, F M. J. Treherne, DOW
R. Glitz, K M. F. W. van de Waart, W
N. M. Hanlon, CTH E. R. H. Wagstaff, T
J. Harris, TH V. L. Wilkins, CL
L. Hucks, CAI T. Wynn, CAI
E. C. Jones, SE

Examination in European Studies

M. S. Hodges, T

Examination in Historical Studies

G. J. Bacon, SID B. J. Marsh, DOW
D. Becker, CTH J. L. Palmer, CTH
A. Brown, JE S. J. Pearse, JE
J. P. Brown, CHR J. M. Phillips, M
A. M. Catalano, NH D. T. L. Shaw, PET
C. J. Cox, W A. E. Starkie, M
G. M. Dobson, R R. A. Steiner, G
D. R. Edwardes, W Z. B. Sturges, PEM
B. D. Fulda, PET G. P. Tapsell, CAI
V. J. Gregory, K A. C. Thompson, Q
B. J. Griffin, JN B. E. E. Timelin, M
E. Jobson, K D. W. Todman, PEM
K. Kaetsu, ED E. J. Wilson, CTH
C. J. Makgala, SE L. F. Winner, CL
D. J. S. Mansergh, JN

Examination in International Relations

C. A. Carbajo-Martínez, DAR

Examination in Linguistics

Y. Arain, CLH M. L. C. Ploquin, G
S. G. C. Clarke, F D. Radojević, DAR
C. M. Dillon, CLH C. Rourke, W
L. Filipović, CHU R. H. Smith, K
N. Hoshino, N V. Sotirova, TH
M. J. Johnstone, JE L. A-K. Tan, EM
H. C. Loader, JE A. Yiakoumetti, DAR

Examination in Management Studies

J. A. Addo, LC R. D. Mansell, TH
F. A. J. Ancion, M S. C. Meyersfeld, M
M. S. B. Aw, DOW D. Onuškevičiūtė, Q
B. Bhanuprabha, W M. R. Pandin, G
M. Boran, DOW P. Prasertsintanah, W
T. Colombo, DAR D. Račić, T
G. Constantinou, PET S. Ramasastry, CHR
C. P. Cronjé, TH A. Rashid, JN
B. C. de Beyer, W M. M. M. Richter, DAR
B. D. Golant, EM E. H. Schlie, CL
A. Hanina, CLH K. Y. Siaw, F
C. P. Hsu, DAR S. Sonenshein, JN
R. A. H. Huray, Q G. W. Tan, HH
B. A. Ibragimov, HH N. Wathanakom, R
T. D. O. Ipomai, JE L. E. Wimble, JN
T. H. Keller, CC T. Wooge, M
Y. S. Lai, CLH P-F. Wu, HH
H. M. Lee, DAR V. Zafolia, N
J. Lee, JE E. Zaimi, W
K. M. Leong, CLH J. Zhang, CLH
Y. W. D. Liao, CLH T. Zhu, DAR

Examination in Philosophy

K. D. Beale, DOW P. Jõgi, K
C. P. Bourne, PEM A. J. Kennedy, DAR
G. Fried, T B. R. Meinertsen, DAR
G. J. Hawkins, Q R. Roache, JN

Examination in Physics

J. M. Tomasi, PET

Examination in Political Thought and Intellectual History

S. E. Acland-Hood, T P. Piirimäe, JN
E. L. Castleton, K M. L. Schut, F
L. J. de L. Cazenove, DAR B. J. D. Shaw, T
C. E. Crawford, CL K. H. Stapelbroek, K
N. A. DeSouza, M C. S. Todd, T
P. Fitzpatrick, PEM A. J. Trigg, EM
S. I. Lunn-Rockliffe, JN M. S. Williams, K

Examination in Statistical Science

M. Halati, DAR D. G. H. Marris, PEM
B. A. Healy, TH J. B. Miller, PEM
Y. L. Lai, DAR S. Pietravalle, F
N. J. Lee, CLH M. D. Richmond, Q
I. Maana, ED

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering to the following:

A. C. Roques, W

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in History of Art

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Architecture and History of Art, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in History of Art to the following:

C. Carnevali, K
R. H. de Weryha-Wysoczański, M

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Legal Studies

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Law, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Legal Studies to the following:

K. Hirunwattanapong, N

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Biological Science)

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Biology, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Biological Science) to the following:

J. P. McGinty, JE

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 August 1999
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