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Review Committee: Notice

In accordance with the policy set out in their Notice of 24 February 1988 (Reporter, 1987-88, p. 407), the General Board give notice that the following Review Committee has recently been established, with the terms of reference given.

Health and Safety Management

Terms of reference

To consider the requirements for a health and safety management structure and its effective operation in the University.


Dr K. B. Pretty, HO (Chairman)

Professor M. S. Longair, CLH

Professor A. C. Minson, W

Dr W. J. Eilbeck, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

Mr D. I. Harrison, University of Birmingham

Secretary: Miss M. P. Chalk, NH

Members of the University who wish to comment on matters covered by the Review Committee's terms of reference are invited to write to Miss M. P. Chalk, Assistant Registrary, General Board Division, 22 Trumpington Street, not later than 26 April 1999.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 3 March 1999
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