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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

K. A. Barber, CAI. Immunomodulation in the NOD mouse

A. R. Barker, EM. Heat transfer in unsteady pipe flow

S. Baudoux, R. Integration of the action of neuromodulatory neurones into motor patterns for limb control

R. W. A. Becket, F. Efficient knowledge and action planning in first order logic

R. A. Bown, K. Ludwig Tieck and the programmes of Romanticism

R. J. Bradbury, Q. Architectures for the control of home area networks

P. J. Brasted, DOW. The visuospatial dynamics of response processing: dysfunction and repair

M. Y. I. Bulbul, CHU. The geometric nonlinear behaviour of space structures with imperfect, laterally loaded slender members

H. A. Bulkeley, Q. Valuing the global environment: publics, politics and participation

T. J. A. Cardy, Q. Characterization of types 1 and 3 inositol trisphosphate receptors

C. J. Carroll, TH. The archbishops and church provinces of Mainz and Cologne during the Carolingian period, 751-911

R. J. D. Clifton-Bligh, T. Genetic defects in the pituitary-thyroid axis

T. de L. F. F. Costa, K. A profile of contemporary political discourse in Brazil: the rhetoric of intransigence in the 1987-88 constituent experience

S. P. Crawford, SID. The effect of pH on the function of the adenosine receptor

R. A. Day, Q. The idea of 'a Progressive Generation': the case of American women social reformers

L. Einaudi, T. Money and politics: European monetary unification and the international gold standard (1865-73)

D. P. Elias, T. The motion-based segmentation of image sequences

J. A. Fairley, W. Interaction of human cytomegalovirus immediate early proteins with viral and cellular factors

S. M. A. K. Fakhri, CHU. Caste, ethnicity and nation in the politics of the Muslims of Tamil Nadu, 1930-1967

P. S. Fidler, K. An investigation into the role of proteoglycans in axonal regeneration

C. Gerstenberg, K. Factors controlling epitheliochorial placentation in the mare

K. Heathcote, G. Polymorphisms of the human TGF-β1 gene

D. L. Hemming, W. Stable isotopes in tree rings: biosensors of climate and atmospheric carbon-dioxide variations

B. Holmes, W. Cross-cultural differences of use of information technology in education: a comparative study of the use of computers in Japanese and British classrooms

I. H. Holmes, Q. Studies in probabilistic sequence alignment and evolution

S. Idapalapati, CLH. Compaction of metallic powders

J. H. L. Khang, Q. An investigation of embodiment modelling

R. T. King, CTH. Odour responses and discrimination strategies

S. A. King, CTH. Nonlinear and chaotic dynamics of thin-walled open-section deployable structures

Ph. Kolitsi, CC. Tradition and modernity in Greek prose fiction of the 1920s

E. E. Kuruoǧlu, DOW. Signal processing in α-stable noise environments: a least lp-norm approach

S. T. C. Lai, JE. The copyright protection of computer software in the United Kingdom

B. F. C. Laurent, CTH. Powder flow patterns in a horizontal mixer using Positron Emission Particle Tracking

E. W. Low, CHU. Reducing biomass production during the treatment of wastewaters

O. K. B. Lui, T. New physical models for device simulation of polysilicon thin film transistors

E. McKilligin, JE. Characterisation and comparison of cell culture models of intimal smooth muscle cells

K. Martin, DAR. Regulation of the E2F1 activation domain

A. M. Moulin, PEM. Development of microcantilever based sensors

D. F. Newton, M. Development of an in vitro model ecosystem comprising defined mixed populations of human colonic microorganisms

J. R. Nicholson, W. Investigation of the orphan opioid receptor in the nervous system

J. A. O'Neill, W. Synthesis and structural studies of self-organising dendritic molecules as mimetics of protein-protein interactions

M. A. F. O'Riordan, CTH. Reduced perception of similarity in autism

F. V. Osborn, W. The ecology of crop-raiding elephants in Zimbabwe

S. J. Pankhurst, LC. The social organisation of the mara at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park

I. A. Pratt, K. The user-safe device I/O architecture

R. N. Rohling, CHU. 3D freehand ultrasound: reconstruction and spatial compounding

S. J. Secker, G. A study of the molecular requirements for CD22-mediated inhibition of antigen receptor signalling

A. J. Sederman, F. MRI studies of single and multi-phase flow in porous media

Y-L. Shih, NH. Analysis of mutants affected in motility, exoenzyme synthesis, and virulence in Erwinia carotovora

R. E. C. Shorrock, CHR. Method and madness in the Dionysiaca of Nonnus

F. M. Smart, W. IL7 receptor signalling during B cell development

S. G. Taylor, Q. Mass spectrometry of ions in flames

N. Tekki, DAR. Cloning of the mouse Kid-1 and Kid-2 genes and analysis of their function in kidney development

A. M. M. P. Urbano, CTH. Genetic manipulation of energy metabolism in mammalian cells

A. M. R. Ward, CC. Sensor-driven computing

A. L. Warren, W. Modality, reference and speech acts in the Psalms

C. E. Williams, CTH. Coming to terms with the Other: encounter, creation, consumption and destruction in the works of Clarice Lispector

R. G. Wise, F. MRI studies of cardiovascular function and its changes in hypertension

Q. J. Zhang, CAI. The identification of candidate genes for hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy using differential display RT-PCR

P. Zunino, HH. The role of fimbriae as virulence factors in urinary tract infections by Proteus mirabilis

Master of Science

R. J. Shaw, CHU. Nonlinear analysis of fetal heart rate

Master of Letters

Y. Tachibana, CHU. A social psychological analysis of the transferability of Japanese management practices: people's values and identities

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Biological Science

D. R. O. Carr, CHR

Examination in Engineering

A. J. Barefoot, CHU P. J. Smith, F
L. J. Peat, Q L. T. Tan, EM
F. T. Ray, CHU

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