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Language Centre: Notice

The General Board give notice that they have amended the regulations for the Language Centre (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 605) as set out below. The purpose of these amendments is to provide for the representation of students on the Committee of Management of the Centre. The regulations have been amended, as follows:

Regulation 2.

By relettering sub-paragraph (g) as (h) and inserting the following as (g):

(g) two members of the University in statu pupillari, one appointed by Cambridge University Students Union and one by the Graduate Union;

By amending cross references accordingly and by inserting the following sentence before the final sentence of the regulation:

Members in class (g) shall be appointed in the Easter Term to serve for the academical year next following their appointment.

Regulations 5-12.

By renumbering the regulations as 6-13 and by inserting the following as Regulation 5:

5. The provisions of Statute K, 20 concerning reserved business shall apply as if the Committee were a body constituted by Statute and any matter which, if the Committee were a Faculty Board, would be reserved business under Statute C, IV, 13 shall also be reserved. These provisions shall apply to any member of the Committee in class (g) who is not in statu pupillari as if he or she were a person in statu pupillari.

Regulations 8 and 10 (previously numbered 7 and 9).

By replacing the words 'the Committee of Management' by the words 'the Committee of Management excluding for this purpose the members in class (g)'.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 2 December 1998
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