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Royal Society of Canada - Sir Arthur Sims Scholarship

Academic years: 1999-2000/2000-01

Sir Arthur Sims of London, England, established an endowment fund with the Royal Trust Company in 1952 to provide a scholarship to support a Canadian student enrolled in a post-graduate programme in Great Britain.

In 1990 the Royal Trust Company handed over trusteeship of 'The Sir Arthur Sims Educational Trust' to the Royal Society of Canada. In view of the large number of applicants, in 1996, the Society decided to award two scholarships for future terms: one in science and one in arts and humanities.

The scholarships are awarded for outstanding merit and promise in any subject of the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences. It is open to graduates of Canadian universities who have completed one year of post-graduate study at a British institution and are continuing towards an advanced degree.

The annual value of the scholarship is £700. It is normally awarded for two years, subject to satisfactory reports of progress.

The Royal Society of Canada publicises the award in Britain and in Canada, with the help of the British Council. Applications are to be made on the attached approved form and are to be forwarded before 15 February 1999 to The Chairman, Sir Arthur Sims Scholarship Committee, Royal Society of Canada, 225 Metcalfe St., Suite 308, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1P9.

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Cambridge University Reporter Special 5, 2 November 1998
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