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Postgraduate Certificate in Education, 1998: Notice

One-year candidates

The following candidates, on re-examination under Regulation 11 for the Certificate (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 524), have now satisfied the Examiners.
Lodge, A. HH

14 July 1998 - Examiners

M. J. Evans   A. N. Robinson   K. B. H. Ruthven   R. A. Walford
Bell, N. J. HH Harley, D. K. HO Pernet, D. E. HO
Bridge, T. W. HO Hartree, D. H. HO Pryor, V. M. HH
Buck, M. HO Iczkiewicz, M. HO Purnell, R. JE
Chamberlain, E. P. HO Lawley, T. H. HH Rogers, G. P. M
Daniels, R. J. HO Ling, M. HO Shephard, C. A. HO
Donaldson, K. M Marlow, P. M. HO Stone, M. A. HO
Elmy, A. H. HO Nazir, F. Y. HO Stroud, R. E. HH
Gair, S. HO Neeley, S. M. HO Warren, L. F. S. HO
Garrier, G. HO Newman, T. P. HH Williams, G. HO
Gray, A. M. HO Pernak, A. D. HO Young, T. S. HO
Grimaldi, G. D. M. HO

24 July 1998

Moffat P. J. HH

27 July 1998 - Examiners

M. J. Evans   J. G. A. Raffan   K. B. H. Ruthven

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 August 1998
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