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St John's College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Elected or re-elected to Scholarships:

Armitage, T. J. (Whytehead Scholarship), Ashworth, A. B. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Balls, S. V. (Townsend Scholarship), Bardhan, S. (Munsteven Scholarship), Basden, A. G. (Gummer Scholarship), Bell, C. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Bhangu, J. S. (Townsend Scholarship), Brown, C. M. D. (Gummer Scholarship), Brown, M. A. (Townsend Scholarship), Burton, R. J. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Castle, A. P. (Prior Scholarship), Chandra, R. (Prior Scholarship), Curran, D. C. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Das, S. (Whytehead Scholarship), Davies, D. D. (Shrewsbury Scholarship), Davies, K. J. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), de Silva, S. R. (Rolleston Scholarship), Dendrinos, S. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Dexter, A. M. (Munsteven Scholarship), Dhanuka, S. (Horne Scholarship), Downing, S. J. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), du Pisanie, T. M. (Munsteven Scholarship), Dunlop, I. E. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Emanuel, Y. (Whytehead Scholarship), Evans, A. J. B. (Marquess of Salisbury Scholarship), Evans, J. R. (Rolleston Scholarship), Frankau, S. G. (Horne Scholarship), Fuller, A. J. (Townsend Scholarship), Gibbs, J. F. (Whytehead Scholarship), Godfrey, C. D. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Greaves, P. J. (Rolleston Scholarship), Guest, S. D. (Horne Scholarship), Gulati, A. (Duchess of Somerset Scholarship), Hanson, J. K. A. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Hartnoll, S. A. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Hollingsworth, K. G. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Holtom, D. M. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Houghton, S. (Prior Scholarship), Houssart, R. H. (McAulay Scholarship), Hoyle, C. B. (McAulay Scholarship), Hulme, T. P. (Horne Scholarship), Hunt, D. J. (McAulay Scholarship), Hunt, H. V. (Lister Scholarship), Hussain, L. B. (McAulay Scholarship), Izzard, R. G. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Jackson, J. S. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), James, N. M. (Whytehead Scholarship), Jeeva, S. E. (Rolleston Scholarship), Johnston, C. P. (Horne Scholarship), King, A. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Kunaratnam, N. (McAulay Scholarship), Lindsay, R. M. (Horne Scholarship), Lo, S. J. (Rolleston Scholarship), Lomnitzer, T. (Prior Scholarship), Mace, E. J. (McAulay Scholarship), Maggi, A. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Man, P-S. (Baylis Scholarship), Mansell, D. H. (Gummer Scholarship), Mansergh, D. J. S. (Prior Scholarship), Marthews, A. E. (Prior Scholarship), Masilamany, S. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Massey, A. R. (Marquess of Salisbury Scholarship), McAleese, Clifford (United Steel Companies Scholarship), McAleese, Colin (United Steel Companies Scholarship), McDonald, K. (Townsend Scholarship), McKenzie, J. M. (Marquess of Salisbury Scholarship), Morgan, R. P. F. (Henry Arthur Thomas Scholarship), Myers, J. P. (Davidson Scholarship), Norridge, Z. C. (McAulay Scholarship), O'Conner, R. J. (Prior Scholarship), Palin, A. L. J. (Whytehead Scholarship), Parameswaran, S. L. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Poliakoff, S. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Rajagopalan, S. R. (Rolleston Scholarship), Redhead, S. N. (Townsend Scholarship), Reed, K. D. (Rolleston Scholarship), Rennison, G. A. (Horne Scholarship), Richards, D. C. W. (Townsend Scholarship), Robbins, G. J. (Lister Scholarship), Rolls, M. O. (Prior Scholarship), Rowe, E. B. (McAulay Scholarship), Samworth, R. J. (Morton Scholarship), Saravanamuttu, N. S. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Sethia, A. (Davidson Scholarship), Shah, M. (Prior Scholarship), Shane, D. M. (Prior Scholarship), Sheard, A. L. (McAulay Scholarship), Silverwood, P. B. P. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Spelman, D. M. (Townsend Scholarship), Spencer Chapman, K. R. (McAulay Scholarship), Stanton, N. J. (Davidson Scholarship), Starling, R. J. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Storoni, L. C. (Horne Scholarship), Swaine, A. B. (Gummer Scholarship), Thornley, R. G. (Baylis Scholarship), Upton, E. C. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Walford, M. A. (Townsend Scholarship), Warnke, J. K. (Rolleston Scholarship), Warrell, J. H. (Whytehead Scholarship), Watt, K. A. M. (Mullinger Scholarship), Wells, S. A. (United Steel Companies Scholarship), Wileman, A. J. (Whytehead Scholarship), Winn, J. M. (Townsend Scholarship), Wood, D. R. (Baylis Scholarship), Wood, P. J. (Henry Arthur Thomas Scholarship), Wormald, J. P. (McAulay Scholarship), Yoong, M. K. L. (Rolleston Scholarship), Zamaklar, M. (Horne Scholarship), Zumbuhl, M. J. (Whytehead Scholarship).


  Benians: Mansergh, D. J. S.
Cargill: Winn, J. M.
Chivers: Houghton, S.
Constable: Bardhan, S.
Cunningham: O'Connor, R. J., Sethia, A.
Diver: Warnke, J. K.
Earle: Bardhan, S., Poliakoff, S.
Gaskell: Warrell, J. H., Wormald, J. P.
Goody: Stanton, N. J.
Graves: Dexter, A. M.
Hockin: Bell, C., du Pisanie, T. M., Holtom, D. M., McKenzie, J. M., Maggi, A., Starling, R. J., Wells, S. A., Winn, J. M.
Hollinshead-Howles: Poliakoff, S.
Hughes: Burton, R. J., Mansergh, D. J. S., Rowe, E. B., Walford, M. A.
Johnston: Hartnoll, S. A., Man, P-S.
Lapwood-Towle: Samworth, R. J.
Leathem: Man, P-S.
Lorimer: Dexter, A. M.
Mullinger: Watt, K. A. M.
Northcott: Lo, S. J.
Phineas Quass: Spencer Chapman, K. R., Warnke, J. K.
Pollard: Mansergh, D. J. S., Browne, O. J. aeq, Watt, K. A. M.
Winfield: Hunt, D. J.

Wright: for Chemical Engineering: Hollingsworth, K. G.; for Classics: Morgan, R. P. F., Wood, P. J.; for Computer Science: Basden, A. G., Swaine, A. B.; for Engineering: Brown, M. A., Richards, D. C. W.; for English: O'Connor, R. J.; for Geography: James, N. M.; for History: Hoyle, C. B.; for Manufacturing Engineering: Walford, M. A.; for Mathematics: Thornley, R. G., Wood, D. R.; for Medical and Veterinary Sciences: Evans, J. R., Rajagopalan, S. R., Yoong, M. K. L.; for Modern Languages: Norridge, Z. C., Wormald, J. P.; for Music: Warrell, J. H.; for Natural Sciences: Burton, R. J., Dunlop, I. E., Hartnoll, S. A., Hunt, H. V., McAleese, Clifford, Rowe, E. B., Saravanamuttu, N. S.; for Oriental Studies: Sethia, A., Spencer Chapman, K. R.

College: for Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic: Zumbuhl, M. J.; for Architecture: Boguslawska, K. M.; for Chemical Engineering: Downing, S. J., Hanson, J. K. A., Myers, J. P., Redhead, S. N.; for Computer Science: Brown, C. M. D., Evans, A. J. B., Mansell, D. H.; for Economics: Castle, A. P., Chandra, R., Davies, D. D., Lomnitzer, T., Rolls, M. O., Shah, M., Shane, D. M.; for Engineering: Balls, S. V., Bhangu, J. S., Fuller, A. J., McDonald, K., Spelman, D. M.; for English: Das, S., Houghton, S., Marthews, A. E., Wileman, A. J.; for Geography: Massey, A. R.; for History: Gibbs, J. F.; for Mathematics: Dhanuka, S., Frankau, S. G., Guest, S. D., Hulme, T. P., Johnston, C. P., Lindsay, R. M., Rennison, G. A., Storoni, L. C., Zamaklar, M.; for Medical and Veterinary Sciences: de Silva, S. R., Greaves, P. J.; for Modern Languages: Armitage, T. J., Bevis, M., Brolly, J. M., Emanuel, Y., Gibbs, J. F., Kunaratnam, N., Mace, E. J., Manczyk, A. E., Sheard, A. L.,Wormald, J. P.; for Music: Houssart, R. H., Hussain, L. B.; for Natural Sciences: Ashworth, A. B., Curran, D. C., Davies, K. J., Dendrinos, S., Godfrey, C. D., Gulati, A., Izzard, R. G., Jackson, J. S., Jeeva, S. E., King, A., McAleese, Colin, Masilamany, S., Parameswaran, S. L., Reed, K. D., Robbins, G. J., Silverwood, P. B. P., Upton, E. C.; for Oriental Studies: Palin, A. L. J.; for Veterinary Medicine: Boag, A. K.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 July 1998
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