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The following elections and awards have been made:

Elected to Senior Scholarships:

Atkinson, R. J., Modern and Medieval Languages; Carr, G., Mathematics; Hill, I. J. R., Mathematics; Jay, C. F., Natural Sciences; Jacobs, J. D., Economics; Ottal, G. S., Economics; Hughes, J. O., Land Economy; Jones, R. D., Francis Gisborne Scholar in Mathematics; Neale, D. L., John Blythe Scholar in Mathematics; Russell, P. A., Robert Slade Scholar in Mathematics; Carlisle, J., William Stone Scholar in Natural Sciences (re-elected); Moir, R. S., William Heron Scholar in Natural Sciences (re-elected); Phillips, A. R., Sir James Dewar Scholar in Natural Sciences (re-elected); Patel, N., Thomas Denman Scholar in Medical Sciences; Buck, W. E., Edward Lord North Scholar in Law; Spiegelberg, D. M. F., Lady Ward Scholar in History; Morgans, A. S., George Carter Scholar in Engineering; English, R. J., William Baron Kelvin Scholar in Engineering; Fangiono, C., William Stone Scholar in Economics; Sougioultzis, M., Richard Goodwin Scholar in Economics; Rosato, M., Sir Grahame Clarke Scholar in Archaeology and Anthropology; Kam, E. P. Y., John Jebb Scholar in Medical Sciences.

Retrospective Title of Scholar for 1997-98:

Kment, B. C. A., Philosophy; Kam, E. P. Y., Natural Sciences (for Medical Sciences); Evans, B. G., History; Nicholson, M. D. Y., History; Pearson, K. S., Management Studies.

Elected to Exhibitions:

Garnett, M., Philosophy; Kositkhun, C., Engineering; Devereux, E. M. de B., History; O'Brien, A. M., History (re-elected); Tomlinson, A. D., Engineering; Da Cunha, C. D., Chemical Engineering; Fryatt, C. A., English; Gummer, B. M., History; Hagen, D. S., History; Ledger-Lomas, M. C., History; Simon, F. G. D., History; Ioannou, S. F., English.

Retrospective Title of Exhibitioner for 1997-98:

Kimpton, M. J., Philosophy; Weston, R. D., Law; Randle, A. L., English.


  Charles Clemmow Prize for Mathematics: Hartley, P. M.
1st Routh Prize for Mathematics: Russell, P. A.
2nd Routh Prize for Mathematics: Jones, R. D.
Wilson Butler Prize for Law: Joseph, P. B.
Sir Herbert Butterfield Prize for History: Spiegelberg, D. M. F.
Makin Foster Prize for History: Nicholson, M. D. Y.
Routh Prize for Engineering: English, R. J.
The William Nixon Prize in Engineering: Morgans, A. S.
A. R. Graham Prize for Medicine: Kam, E. P. Y.
Friends of Peterhouse Prize in Economics: Ottal, G. S.
Friends of Peterhouse Prize in Archaeology and Anthropology: Rosato, M.
Friends of Peterhouse Prize in Land Economy: Hughes, J. O.
Friends of Peterhouse Prize in Modern and Medieval Languages: Atkinson, R. J.
Friends of Peterhouse Prize in English: Burlinson, A. P.
Friends of Peterhouse Prize in Chemistry: Carlisle, J.
The Tait Prize for Physics: Moir, R. S.
The Modern Languages Composition Prize (German): Heady, K. V.
The Sohan Lal Bhatia Prize in Physiology: Kothari, J.
Mathematics: Carr, G.; Hill, I. J. R.; Jones, R. D.; Neale, D. L.; Russell, P. A.; Hartley, P. M.
Philosophy: Kment, B. C. A.
Natural Sciences: Jay, C. F.; Kam, E. P. Y.; Carlisle, J.; Moir, R. S.; Phillips, A. R.
Medical Sciences: Patel, N.; Kothari, J.
Law: Buck, W. E.; Joseph, P. B.
History: Spiegelberg, D. M. F.; Evans, B. G.; Livesey, K. L; Nicholson, M. D. Y.; Shaw, D. T. L.; Smith, E. T.
Modern and Medieval Languages: Atkinson, R. J.
Engineering: Morgans, A. S.; English, R. J.
Electrical and Information Sciences: Wood, S. A.
Management Studies: Pearson, K. S.
Economics: Jacobs, J. D.; Ottal, G. S.; Fangiono, C.; Sougioultzis, M.
Archaeology and Anthropology: Rosato, M.
English: Burlinson, C. M.
Land Economy: Hughes, J. O.

Research Studentships:

  New elections:

Landriau, M. (University of Montreal) in Mathematics;

Roche, R. N. (Phillips Exeter Academy, Wellesley College, and Harvard-Radcliffe Colleges, U.S.A.) in Social Anthropology;

Stieger, R. D. (University of Natal) in Engineering.


  New election:

Oliver, S. A. William Emery Barnes Student in Theology and Religious Studies (Hon.).

Friends of Peterhouse Bursary:

  Mlakar, M. (University of Zagreb) for the M.Phil. in Archaeology.

The Gunn Studentship:

  James C. S. in Divinity.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 July 1998
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