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Magdalene College

Elections and re-elections:

Elected to Leslie Wilson Research Scholarships: Lang, K., of Imperial College (Engineering), Poh, M-J. J., of Jesus College, Oxford (History), Posso, K., of Magdalene College (Modern Languages).

Elected to Bundy Scholarships: Auge, S. K. N., Barber, L. E., Burrell, T. W., Catney, S. F., Downie, M. N., Ellson, R. H., Esly, M. S., Goh, S. K., Guard, C. W., Posso, K., Race, C. P., Stevenson, L. F., Stock, U. B. C., Unsworth, K. E., Woodman-Smith, N. D., Wynne, J. R. O., Yu, F. B.

Elected to Scholarships: Abraham, M. C., Artpradid, P., Bowley, T. P., Chuah, A. J. T., Donachie, N. K., Holledge, W. J., Hung, Y. A., Jones, N. M., Khoo, P-T., Ochoa, A. D., Opie, M., Roach, F. P., Rudarakanchana, N., Rendel, S. C., Turner, J. S.

Re-elected to Scholarships: Godfrey, A., Hughes, P. R., Koh, L-N., Low, W. F. G., Malek, J. A., Morris, P., Naydenova, M. N., Norris, A. P., Straughton, J-E. F., Wallet, C-J.


  Adeane Prize (History): Turner, J. S.
P. M. S. Blackett Prize (Natural Sciences): Downie, M. N.
Richard Carne Prize (History of Art): Guard, C. W.
Christie Prize (Natural Sciences): Race, C. P.
Clarabut Prize (Geography): Wynne, J. R. O.
Cleary Prize (Architecture): Jones, N. M.
Dunster Prize (History): Stevenson, L. F.
Jim Ede Prize: Stevenson, L. F.
Gill Prize (Geography): Barber, L. E.
Hart Prize: Downie, M. N.
I.C.L. Prize (Electrical and Information Sciences): Hughes, P. R.
Keilin Prize (Natural Sciences): Unsworth, K. E.
Lewins Prize (Electrical and Information Sciences): Morris, P.
Lewins Prizes (Engineering): Catney, S. F., Woodman-Smith, N. D.
C. S. Lewis Prize (English): Holledge, W. J.
Macfarlane-Grieve Prize for Music: Morris, H. C.
Rae Mitchell Prize (Mathematics): Burrell, T. W.
Mynors Bright Prize: Catney, S. F.
Norah Dias Prizes (Law): Esly, M. S., Yu, F. B.
Peskett Prize (Modern Languages): Straughton, J-E. F.
Iris Rushton Prize (Medicine): Rudarakanchana, N.
Iris Rushton Prize (Natural Sciences): Goh, S. K.
B. C. Saunders Prize (Natural Sciences): Norris, A. P.
Stucley Prize (English): Ellson, R. H.
Walton Prize (Mathematics): Roach, F. P.
Winter-Warmington Prize (English): Naydenova, M. N.
Nicholas Whitworth Prize (History): Ochoa, A. D.
Architecture: Rendel, S. C., Wallet, C-J.
Chemical Engineering: Artpradid, P., Chuah, A. J. T., Khoo, P-T.
Engineering: Hung, Y. A., Koh, L-N.
Law: Bowley, T. P., Donachie, N. K.
Modern Languages: Posso, K., Stock, U. B. C.
Natural Sciences: Abraham, M. C., Godfrey, A., Low, W. F. G., Malek, J. A.
Social and Political Sciences: Auge, S. K. N., Opie, M.
Christie Prize: Low, W. F. G.
Classics Essay Prize: Graziosi, B.
Dunster Essay Prize: McMillan, R. O. S.
Economics Essay Prize: Shamash, H.
Fou-Sun Lau (Engineering Design) Prize: Clausse, P., Limentani, R. A.
Garrett Prize: Simunovic, M. P.
Leman Essay Prize (Classics): Graziosi, B.
Newton Essay Prize (Natural Sciences): Hawkins, D. B.
Sarah Springman Prize: Auge, S. K. N.
Newman-Turner Prize: Shore, M. P.
Master's Reading Prize: Baker, E. C.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 July 1998
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