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Robinson College

The following elections and awards have been made:


Elected into Senior Scholarships: Allen, R. C. (Mathematics); Beresford, N. (Law); Cooter, S. M. (Natural Sciences); Fearns, J. D. (Mathematics); Michaelides, D. (Medicine); Morris, R. G. (Natural Sciences); Wilkinson, Miss V. C. (Natural Sciences).

Elected into Titular Scholarships: Bagley, Miss L. A. (English); Chhabra, Miss P. (Medicine); Hunneyball, Miss S. J. (Architecture); McGurk, B. D. S. (Law); Phillips, Miss M. P. (Social Anthropology); Topham, Miss E. R. (Social and Political Sciences); Windle, Miss V. K. F. (Land Economy).

Elected into Scholarships: Barker, E. R. (Law); Becher, Miss H. J. (Social and Political Sciences); Bee, Miss J. N. (Natural Sciences); Beresford, A. R. (Computer Science); Churchill, G. A. E. (Mathematics); Cockbill, A. J. P. (Natural Sciences); Davies, Miss B. W. (Medicine); Hirschovits, D. (Social and Political Sciences); Hughes, T. J. (Computer Science); Kitching, J. R. (Natural Sciences); Kwan, S. K. (Engineering); Lucietti, J. (Natural Sciences); Murray, D. H. (Modern Languages); Pathmanathan, S. (Economics); Pollitt, M. J. (Natural Sciences); Schvartzman, J. M. (Medicine); Seaman, C. A. E. (Manufacturing Engineering); Thompson, S. (Natural Sciences); Yiu, Miss C. (Natural Sciences).

Re-elected into Scholarships: Bowdler, C. C. (Economics); Corbett, R. W. (Medicine); Edgar, R. G. (Natural Sciences); Evangelou, S. (Electrical and Information Sciences); Howard, Miss V. J. (Chemical Engineering); Kudari, V. S. (Medicine); Kutner, J. B. (Law); Kwiatkowski, W. H. (Oriental Studies); Minton, Miss K. E. (Natural Sciences); Page, J. A. (Engineering); Papachristodoulou, A. (Engineering); Reed, Miss E. (Modern Languages); Richards, M. D. (Modern Languages); Scott, D. J. (Computer Science); Shah, D. J. (Medicine); Sharp, R. W. (Computer Science); Silverstein, A. (Oriental Studies); Smith, Miss E. S. (Modern Languages); Speller, D. J. (Law); Tong, C. C. (Engineering).

Stephane Francis Sports Scholarship: Patel, N.


The Warden's Prizes: Beresford, N., Morris, R. G.
John Lyndon Whittaker Prize: Calaminus, Miss R. C., and Massocchi, Miss A. C.
The Trevelyan History Prize: Towers, J. A.
Victor Chu Prize for Law: Beresford, N.
Helena Shire Memorial Prize: Bagley, Miss L. A.
Ruth Brooks-Fröhlich Scholarship: Michaelides, D.
Fröhlich Prize for Mathematics: Allen, R. C.
College Prize for Engineering: Kwan, S. K.
College Prize for Natural Sciences: Edgar, R. G.
College Prize for Modern Languages: Murray, D. H.
Jean Shone Sports Prize: Fox, Miss J. E.
Victor Chu & Co. Studentship: Kutner, J. B.

College Prizes: Abram, C. P., Allen, R. C., Bagley, Miss L. A., Barker, E. R., Becher, Miss H. J., Bee, Miss J. N., Beresford, A. R., Beresford, N., Bowdler, C. C., Chhabra, Miss P., Churchill, G. A. E., Cockbill, A. J. P., Cooter, S. M., Davies, Miss B. W., Dodgeon, I. W. A., Edgar, R. G., Fearns, J. D., Howard, Miss V. J., Hirschovits, D., Hughes, T. J., Hunneyball, Miss S. J., Kitching, J. R., Koh, H. T. K., Kudari, V. S., Kutner, J. B., Kwan, S. K., Lucietti, J., McGurk, B. D. S., Michaelides, D., Milner, J. M., Minton, Miss K. E., Morris, R. G., Murray, D. H., Papachristodoulou, A., Pathmanathan, S., Phillips, Miss M. P., Pollitt, M. J., Schvartzman, J. M., Scott, D. J., Seaman, C. A. E., Sharp, R. W., Speller, D. J., Thompson, S., Tong, C. C., Topham, Miss E. R., Wilkinson, Miss V. C., Windle, Miss V. F., Yiu, Miss C.

Mooting Competition Cup: Macdonald, S. K.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 22 July 1998
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