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Approved for degrees, diplomas, and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

S. C. W. Rowland, F.

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

M. Achison, W. Collagen-induced tyrosine phosphorylation in human platelets
N. D. E. Alexander, EM. Heterogeneity and the epidemiology of lymphatic filariasis
Y. Arai, Q. The margin of appreciation doctrine in the jurisprudence of the European Convention on Human Rights
J. D. Best, DOW. How quickly does light reset the circadian clock?
C. J. Bowgen, HH. Characterisation of gene expression during spermatogenesis in mammalian species
D. F. R. Brown, SE. Quantum simulations of weakly bound molecules
F. J. Budelmann, PEM. Sophocles: language and communality
A. C. Burton, EM. A taphonomic study of the Wealden beds of southern Britain
A. Ll. Cameron, HH. Intracellular signalling mechanisms of the unicellular parasite, T. b. brucei
J. M. Capper, SE. Karl Barth's theology of joy
F. V. Carter, CC. High pressure studies of quantum critical systems
M. J. Cassidy, CAI. Quantum field theory and acausal spacetimes
I. M. Castleton, SE. Electron transport in coupled one- and two-dimensional systems
S-M. Chang, CL. Synthesis of blue fluorescent polymers for light emitting diodes
P. D. Colman, R. Design, characterisation and optimisation of high Tc dc SQUIDs
K. M. N. De Silva, CHU. Kinetic investigations of atomic rubidium and caesium by time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence
S. L. Dyson, CAI. Interpretation of an activin morphogen gradient
M. S. Edwards, F. Christianity and the subversion of identity: theology, ethics and gay liberation
H. Eick, T. Studies towards the total synthesis of okadaic acid
T. M. Fink, JN. Inverse protein folding, hierarchical optimisation and tie knots
S. D. Galbraith, M. The response of potassium chloride, ammonium nitrate solutions and emulsion explosives to plate impact loading
I. S. Galloway, Q. The avermectin-producing polyketide synthase
M. Giles, CL. Novel polymers based on myo-inositol orthoformate
S. Gillingham, EM. Giving wildlife value: a case study of community wildlife management around the Selous game reserve, Tanzania
S. J. Goodchild, SID. Studies of stratospheric chemistry using global models and global observations
R. M. Harris, DAR. Atomistic simulations of titanium carbide
J. C. Hawley, SE. Tin(IV) porphyrins as building blocks for supramolecular chemistry
P. D. Hayes, DAR. Radiation hybrid mapping of genes in human and baboon
E. L. Hill, DAR. An investigation of the movement difficulties of children with developmental coordination disorder or specific language impairment
S. M. W. Inglis, T. The form and scope of naturalised epistemology
A. P. Izzard, DAR. Studies of vitamin C economy by stable isotope probes
I. W. Jackson, CHU. Who goes here? Confidentiality of location through anonymity
A. W. Jones, K. Application of novel analysis techniques to cosmic microwave background astronomy
G. Kanungo, CHR. Biocatalytic routes for the production of important semisynthetic opiates
C. F. Kennedy, EM. Liquid impact of IR materials: equipment development, damage thresholds and transmission losses
E. T. C. Lee, DOW. Synthesis and characterisation of high-temperature superconducting materials
Y. H. Lee, M. Ion-selective acrylic polymer matrices
M. J. Li Kam Wa, N. A measurement-based approach to flow control in ATM networks
H. E. Makinson, PEM. The 'great relation': the word and the graphic image in Britain, 1650-1700
M. B. Manser, CL. The evolution of auditory communication in suricates, Suricata suricatta
K. R. Martyn, SID. The relationship between the geochemistry of spinel peridotite nodules and alkali basalt
P. Masson, JN. Modular functor of SL2(C) at level two
K. Matthews, DAR. The behavioural and neurochemical sequelae of periodic neonatal maternal separation
M. E. Morrissey, ED. Rhetoric, religion and politics in the St. Paul's Cross sermons, 1603-1625
M. R. Muller, JN. Crustal structure of the Southwest Indian Ridge
R. J. Noakes, CC. 'Cranks and visionaries': science, spiritualism and transgression in Victorian Britain
J. L. Osborne, DOW. Excitonic properties of tunable density quantum well structures
U. D. Palanisamy, CHU. Affinity ligands with glycoform specificity
N. Papadakis, HH. Development and optimisation of ultra-fast MRI techniques for functional neuro-imaging
X. Y. Pei, G. Structural study of multivalent antibody fragments
C. M. Pemberton, N. Feminism, inculturation and the search for a global Christianity: an African example. The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians
D. A. Rasheed, CHU. Internal symmetries, dualities and black holes
T. J. Scase, DAR. Blood platelet responses induced by adenosine 5´-diphosphate: functional and molecular studies
A. A. Shirzadi Ghoshouni, K. Diffusion bonding aluminium alloys and composites: new approaches and modelling
S. R. Sinclair, Q. Improving nigral grafts in a model of Parkinson's disease
M. Skipper, CC. Primary sex determination mechanisms in Caenorhabditis elegans
M. D. Spalding, CL. Biodiversity patterns in coral reefs and mangrove forests: global and local scales
I. D. Starkey, CHU. The enantioselective preparation of novel lysine analogues and their incorporation into biologically active peptides
M. P. Stuart, DAR. Contesting the Word: Emily Dickinson and the higher critics
A. Tzoris, DAR. An investigation on the induced antibacterial properties of alkyl acrylate polymeric materials
A. J. Warner, DAR. Somatostatin receptor transducing mechanisms
S. J. Watkins, DAR. Adenoviral targeting with antibody fusion proteins
C. G. Wells, CHU. The application of differential geometry to classical and quantum gravity
T. J. G. Whitmarsh, JN. Symboulos: philosophy, power and culture in the literature of Roman Greece
P. C. Wolstenholme-Hogg, CHU. Theoretical and experimental studies on activated sulfur complexes
P. R. Young, M. EUV spectroscopy of solar and stellar atmospheres
P. Zampini, Q. Edith Wharton and the visual arts: a study of her work with special reference to the early period

Master of Letters

M. Hara, W. The war on the screen: Japanese nationalism and wartime newsreels

Master of Philosophy (two-year course)


G. A. Byrne, CC. Consulting the Faithful: the role of the laity in the government of the Church of England 1861-1904
J. W. Leininger, F. The theatre of iconoclasm: English Reformation drama and traditional religion
P. M. Waddell, F. Thinking and living the Trinity: a study in Jurgen Moltmann and Karl Rahner

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


R. D. Delahunty, Q S. J. Relf, PEM
A. S. D. Jones, T G. N. Schmidt, CL
N. B. Langridge, DAR C-L. Thinnes, EM
B. A. Moderate, G


N. P. Hillman, PET R. J. Rushforth, T
D. T. Pomorska, T L. G. Stephens, CL
A. M. Powell, Q F. C. Winward, SE


P. Horn, CC


T. E. S. Backhouse, EM K. Lygka, N
F. Cavassini, HH M. O. McCullagh, T
M. C. V. Copley, K K. L. Owen, TH
G. R. Fullelove, JE W. M. Patience, PET
C. H. George, T G. Sampatakakis, JN
H. A. G. Houghton, JN P. Schirripa, LC
A. K. Kappagoda, PEM A. G. Sherman, DOW
D. Koukouzika, JE R. V. Skipwith, CAI
E. Kyriakidis, JN N. Tchernetska, T
E. López García, K A. J. Van Harten, TH
P. A. Low, TH


C. A. Appleton, TH B. E. Krzyzkowski, HH
S. K. Arber, TH J. Levenson, TH
S. Aziz, F H. A. Linton, LC
C. H. Bexson, W C. MacCall, W
F. Bleckmann, TH L. M. McManus, LC
V. E. Broughton, CLH F. J. Meechan, TH
A. I. Campbell, PEM K. Olivier, Q
L. A. Cogin, DAR U. C. Osisiogu, W
H. J. Cohen, TH M. C. Persson, ED
A. J. Dare, CLH A. F. Rumbelow, Q
F. D. A. Davies, F S. F. Sarkany, CLH
P. Diamond, CL B. S. Sevitt, NH
L. J. Edwards, Q S. R. Shaw, DAR
L. Ella, ED J. A. C. Smith, DAR
J. K. Furlong, R K. L. Storer, TH
T. O. Gibbons, CLH A. J. Swanwick, CC
J. D. Goodman, DAR S. Tong, F
T. J. Graveney, ED K. Turner, ED
K. Hara, CC G. L. Unsworth, DAR
D. P. Healy, G D. F. Webb, LC
L. Houghton, W A. Wilcox, W
E. J. Hughes, TH X. Zhang, DAR


O. K. B. Addo, W Z. S. Jan, HH
B. Aloisi de Larderel, CLH S. Kimura, R
G. S. Arkinstall, W C. Liu, EM
R. Balasubramanyam, Q D. K. Marut, ED
E. A. Bohórquez López, DAR S. G. Michael, T
P. Busbarat, DAR A. Papazian, K
B. D. B. Chinsinga, ED O. Parak, SID
G. Connors, CL J. Reynoso, EM
Y. J. Corley, DAR H-K. Rho, ED
C. J. Ducker, SID D. B. Rothman, TH
I. K. Fossgard, HH Y. T. Sato, W
O. St. P. Francis, DAR D. M. Siliya, ED
K. Gill, Q N. A. Virjee, PET
E. C. Gros, PEM M. S-S. Wang, JN
A. C. Hall, SID C. M. West, EM
L. A. Hoq, Q B. Zhang, W
S. L. K. Hughes, CHR S. Zhu, ED
S. Jacob, Q


L. Buzdovacic, W


U. Abunniaj, Q K. Fekete, CHU
D. L. Anderson, DAR K. Kährik, NH
D. Badran, CHU S. Kurtes, LC
S. A. Bird, DAR B. A. Myint, DAR
A. L. Y. Chen, TH M. L. Shetty, LC
K. E. English, TH D. Sirola, TH
D. Eriksonaite, LC F. Voitenkov, ED
S. P. D. Faraco, CLH T. Watanabe, CLH


J. F. Anderson, T G. A. Jacknain, DAR
C. T. A. Bigg, K J. W. L. Kochan, CHU
D. R. Coen, T A. K. Märker, DAR
D. J. Cuthbert, W E. Y. L. Ng, CC
K. Douglas, DAR D. B. Radov, EM
S. A. Gamble, W S. P. Sivasundaram, CHR
C. M. Gere, DAR N. B. Zakariya, K
A. C. Hwang, PET


A. Z. Ahmad, JN H. Nakano, DAR
J. M. Brown, F R. Padmakumar, Q
G. Fuachie, PEM W. Sirivadhanabhakdi, ED
A. V. J. Hubbold, F H. Suzuki, DOW
C. Kanchanawat, ED M. Tokiwa, DAR
N. K. Karley, CAI S. Traisorat, ED
J. R. King, JE K. C. Tran, HH
J. L. Midgley, G D. K. Wyatt, R


M. A. Godoi, F A. E. Zuckerman-Vdovenko, DAR
K. A. Salveson, DAR


B. R. Brenner, K M. Rosema, ED
C. M. Henderson, JE P. A. Vittorini, CL
I. Rodríguez Mora, DAR


F. D. E. Cooper, ED C. Owuor, DOW
M-A. Falzon, CLH E. R. Scoggins, DAR
Y. W-C. Moser, LC


B. B. Bolger, CL R. Pogorelis, HH
M. H. Brooks, JE N. Potchkaev, DAR
E. Cecchi, R R. J. Powell, CHR
L. Cecetková, DAR M. C. T. Rhinard, Q
C. de Leon, EM D. V. Sinlaratana, PEM
E. Grossman, W L. M. Stefan-Scalat, JN
G. F. Horsington, SID S. C. Toma, DAR
N. C. Kettley, W

Master of Studies


D. L. Thomas, W


M. L. Armstrong, CLH S. Proctor, TH
J. E. M. Hawkins, CTH A. D. Silcox, CAI
L. C. Martin, CC Z. Waldie, LC
H. Pienkowski, CC A. J. Woodhouse, T

Diploma in Economics

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Economics and Politics, have awarded a Diploma in Economics to the following:
*M. E. Birney, DOW K. Rot, W
J. Fucskó, ED S. C. Ryoo, HH
A. Modena, CLH S. Wakabayashi, ED
R. Morimoto, ED R. Yu, CLH
J. A. Restrepo, W
* With Distinction

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Archaeology

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Archaeology to the following:

L. Motta, JN

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Biological Science)

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Biology, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Biological Science) to the following:

A. J. Barker, CHR

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Cambridge University Reporter, 22 July 1998
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