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Newnham College

The following elections and appointments have been made (with effect from 1 October 1998 unless otherwise indicated):

Elected Vice-Principal:

  Linda McDowell, M.A., M.Phil., London, Ph.D., London.

Elected into Fellowships in Category A:

  Clare Pettitt, M.A., D.Phil., Oxon, and appointed College Lecturer in English.
Susan Pitts, M.A., M.Sc., London, Ph.D., London, and appointed College Lecturer in Mathematics.
Sheila Watts, B.A., Ph.D., Dublin, and appointed College Lecturer in German.

Elected into Research Fellowships:

  Emily Clark, B.A., Ph.D., Tulane.
Tessa Stone, M.A.
Romola Davenport, B.A., New South Wales, B.A., Adelaide.
Julia Lawton, B.A.
Konstanze Rietsch, M.Sc., Vienna, with effect from 1 April 1999.

Elected into Phyllis & Eileen Gibbs Travelling Research Fellowships:

  Jenny Clack, B.Sc., Ph.D., Newcastle, M.A.
Kate Robson Brown, B.A., Ph.D.

Appointed College Lecturers:

  Andreas Bieler, M.A., Manchester, Ph.D., Warwick (jointly with Selwyn College).
Erica Segre, B.A., York (jointly with Trinity College).

Elected into an Honorary Fellowship, with immediate effect:

  Rhoda Dorsey, M.A., Ph.D., Minnesota.

Elected into a Bye-Fellowship:

  Marina Frasca-Spada, M.A., Rome, Ph.D.

Elected into Visiting Bye-Fellowships:

  Elizabeth Robertson, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia, for the Michaelmas Term 1998.
Ann Hamlin, B.A., Oxon, Ph.D., Belfast, for the Lent and Easter Terms 1999.

Elected Ruth Cohen Schoolmistress Fellow Commoner (Easter Term 1999):

  Anita Gentry, B.A., East Anglia.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 1 July 1998
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