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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Letters

P. Hutchinson, M.A.,TH

Doctor of Science

H. O. K. Kirchner, Ph.D., CHU

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

A. A. Al-Falou, DOW. A theoretical analysis of crack propagation
H. R. Barker, CHU. Physical modelling of construction processes in the mini-drum centrifuge
W. E. Booij, CAI. Josephson junctions and devices fabricated by focused electron beam irradiation
S. S. Y. Chan, T. Liberalism, democracy and development: the relevance of 'liberal democracy' for developing countries
D. Chart, T. A theory of understanding
Y. W. Cheung, PEM. Exploring combinatorial approaches to study protein tyrosine phosphatases
S. Christmas, CAI. Ideal motives: self-perfection and self-knowledge in the work of Dostoevsky
G. J. Clesham, CL. Vascular gene transfer: a study of the transduction efficiency and biological effects of adenovirus-mediated gene delivery into vascular smooth muscle cells
L. P. B. Coelho, F. Gas percolation through segregated particulate beds
O. S. Conolly, CC. Essential humanism as a theory of literary value
A. T. J. Domanti, PEM. Surface fracture in paste extrusion
A. Ercole, T. Thin film magnetism at surfaces and interfaces
M. N. Gibbs, CHR. Bayesian Gaussian processes for regression and classification
S. J. H. Grimble, CC. Landscape and the condition of England 1878-1917
L. G. Gurjeva, K. Everyday bourgeois science: the scientific management of children in Britain, 1880-1914
N. T. Harrison, K. Optical and electrical excitation of conjugated polymers
R. Herzog, CHU. Critical currents in YBaCuO thin films
J. S-H. Hon, HH. A new approach to studying prevalence and incidence of cognitive decline and dementia in older adults with Down Syndrome
W. Huang, PET. Shape memory alloys and their application to actuators for deployable structures
A. E. Janousch, JN. The reform of imperial ritual during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty (502-549)
K. L. Kato, R. Structural changes in thermally aged cellulose and paper
S. Ketabi, G. The acquisition of modality by advanced Persian learners of English
G-H. Kim, CL. Magnetotransport in low dimensional semiconductor structures
Y. Kim, F. Oxidation of niobium-aluminium alloys
A. M. Knight, Q. Analysis of line-start single-phase permanent magnet motors
G. L. Lauhoff, SE. Magnetisation, anisotropy and coupling in strained epitaxial structures
J. D. Leigh, F. Voltaire: between history and frivolity
I. J. Lewis, G. PrologPF: parallel logic and functions on the Delphi Machine
A. M. Lovatt, PET. Process selection in engineering design
A. S. McLeod, K. Monte Carlo studies of supported metal catalysts
T. J. Matthams, CL. The mechanical properties of micro-perforated long fibre thermoplastic composites
A. R. Minns, PET. Low frequency variability
M. Mirdamadi Najafabadi, SID. The European Community foreign policy and the Persian Gulf: 1973-1991
S. Miyamoto, ED. Robust control design - a coprime factorization and LMI approach
S. M. Nasir, W. Vortices on compact surfaces
G. J. Nelson, CL. Context-aware and location systems
M. F. Nibler, JN. Bank control and corporate performance in Germany: the evidence
J. C. Oleson, CHU. The crimes of genius: a self-report study of offending in high IQ individuals
P. J. Rand, PEM. Narrative closure in a thirteenth-century French manuscript: Chantilly, Musée Condé 472
M. A. Rodríguez Pardina, ED. Growth and structural change in Argentina 1953-1984: an input-output analysis
J. G. Rooney, W. The structure of open ATM control architectures
R. P. G. Rutgers, CTH. An experimental and numerical study of extrusion surface instabilities for polyethylene melts
S. S. Saxena, T. Magnetic and superconducting phases of heavy fermion compounds
P-J. A. Sazio, CHU. In situ fabrication of 3-D patterned semiconductor structures using FIB doping during MBE growth
K. R. Searle, DOW. Some issues in the modelling of stratospheric ozone
R. W. Serjeantson, T. Testimony, authority and proof in seventeenth-century England
A. J. Shepard, CL. Meanings of manhood in early modern England, with special reference to Cambridge, c. 1560-1640
L. E. Silbert, TH. Concentrated and aggregated colloids under flow: a simulation study
J. P. D. Taras-Semchuk, T. Coherence effects in mesoscopic normal and superconducting structures
J. L. Tumblety, JN. Fascist cultural politics in France: modernity and gender in Je suis partout, 1940-1944
J. M. Walker, JN. Honour and the culture of male Venetian nobles, c. 1500-1650
T. R. Walsh, DAR. A theoretical study of cluster dynamics
D. J. Watson, HH. The application of oscillatory flow mixing to the manufacture of alkyd resin dispersions
E. K. Widdis, F. Projecting a Soviet space: exploration and mobility in Soviet film and culture, 1920-1935
D. R. Wilson, Q. The evolutionary epidemiology of manic-depression
G. S. H. Yeo, W. A study of genes encoding complement-related proteins in the pufferfish Fugu rubripes

Master of Letters

J. M. Owen, JN. Disguise and role-playing in drama with particular reference to Athenian Old Comedy

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


S. W. Bowmaker, G


E. A. Adamides, Q

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