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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M. Litt. Degrees)

M. A. M. Ahmed, W. Sudan boundaries with Egypt and Kenya: a question of state succession to international boundaries
A. D. U. S. Amarasinghe, CHU. Interpretation of paste extrusion data
E. Anastasiadou, PEM. Comparative studies of FLP and Cre recombinases
R. M. H. Atta, Q. Micro-fabricated magnetic sensors
S. Bahn, T. Directing gene expression to cerebellar granule cells
S. J. Borrill, F. Within- and across-channel processes contributing to comodulation detection differences
I-C. Chen, K. The decline and fall of Western Marxism
Y. Chen, W. Novel polysilicon high voltage thin film transistor
M. Chhowalla, CHU. Carbon thin films with enhanced properties from cathodic arc plasmas
W. K. Choi, HH. Enhancement of liquid-crystal electro-optic effects using Fabry-Perot cavities
T. M. Coker, JE. Active backplane electrically addressed spatial light modulators for display systems and other applications
P. J. Connell, K. Republics of letters: commerce, learning and the question of 'culture' c. 1790-1840
K. A. Davies, Q. Early events in pathogenesis of Pyrenopeziza brassicae on Brassica napus
D. L. Feltham, HH. Fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of sea ice
A. J. Flewitt, TH. In-situ scanning tunnelling microscopy of hydrogenated amorphous silicon and related materials
T-T. Fu, SE. An investigation of heavy vehicle suspension design
J. V. Gottlieb, CC. Women and fascism in inter-war Britain
E. F. Gray, K. Signposts to the past: re-inventing political symbols, Moscow 1985 to 1996
D. P. Griffiths, R. The dynamics of stimulus representation during filial imprinting: behavioural analysis and modelling
S. Gubbins, K. Dynamics and control of host-parasite systems in heterogeneous and disturbed environments
S. F. Hewson, Q. Dualities, branes and supersymmetry
O. Ignatovich, N. The creation of diversity in the human immunoglobulin V[lambda] repertoire
A. R. Ingram, CTH. A nation split into fragments: Russian nationalism and the Congress of Russian Communities
T. A. Jermyn, SID. Savage impossibility: the paradox of rebellion in the novels of Juan Goytisolo, 1966-1988
W-T. Juang, K. Learning, evolution and equilibrium selection in economic systems
T. H. Keller, CC. Development of SNOM for imaging biological material in liquid
H. L. Klaubert, CHU. Tiny design: a study of the design of microelectromechanical systems
R. H. Lachmann, CL. The use of herpes simplex virus type 1 for transgene expression within the nervous system
E-C. Landis, G. Anti-Bolshevism and the origins of the Antonov movement: the Tambov countryside through revolution and civil war
J. M. Lawton, NH. The disintegration of self: a study of patients in a day care service and a hospice in England
C. H. Lee, TH. Robust repetitive control and application to a CD player
C. P. M. Leeson, Q. Early risk factors for later vascular disease
P. A. Lewis, PET. Essays on metaphor and realism in economics
W. Y. H. Liew, CHU. The role of gaseous lubricants in the orthogonal machining of aluminium alloys
D. J. Liney, PET. Radio frequency properties of high Tc superconductors
S. H. Lingle, HH. Antipredator behaviour, coyote predation and habitat segregation of white-tailed deer and mule deer
S. S. Mathias, CC. Maternal immune responses to equine trophoblast
E. J. R. Maughfling, W. Molecular basis for the ligand selectivity of bombesin receptors
A. R. Mickleburgh, SE. The relevance of marriage for Ganda women in Bwaise, Kampala, Uganda
D. C. Nash, EM. Modified polystyrenic supports for protein separations
R. M. da C. Neves Saraiva, R. The characterisation of mixing for oscillatory flow within baffled tubes
M. J. Nolan, HH. Studies of dynamic processes in articular joints using magnetic resonance imaging
C. Ó Gallchoir, T. Maria Edgeworth and the rise of national literature
D. O'Reilly, PEM. IG Farbenindustrie A. G., Interhandel and General Aniline and Film Corporation. A problem in international political and economic relations between Germany, Switzerland and the United States 1929-1965
H. S. Park, CAI. The Korean Core Language Engine
L. N. Pierre, CAI. Endothelin receptors in human small coronary and cerebral arteries
J. M. Pritchard, T. Alexander Pope and Britain
A. K. A. Pryde, CHU. Rigid unit modes in tridymite and other framework structures
L. S. Rajack, W. Pets and human health: the influence of pets on cardiovascular and other aspects of owners' health
J. Reisert, DAR. Transduction and adaptation in vertebrate olfactory receptor cells
L. F. Reynolds, T. The Ret proto-oncogene in the normal and transgenic thyroid
E. F. Rosenbaum, DAR. Essays on the normative and theoretical foundations of interpersonal comparisons of welfare
C. P. B. Sampson, CL. The role of bcl-2 family proteins in neuronal survival and apoptosis
S. B. Savage, N. Fundamentalism and moral reasoning: rules for a perfect world
C. M. Scahill, HH. Design of high power, single frequency semiconductor lasers
V. G. Scheid, DAR. Plurality and synthesis in contemporary Chinese medicine
Y. Shi, W. International manufacturing networks: configuration, capability and transformation
J. J. Sloggett, DAR. Interactions between coccinellids (Coleoptera) and ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), and the evolution of myrmecophily in Coccinella magnifica Redtenbacher
M. L. Smith, DAR. An analysis of Hox genes in Myriapods
M. O. de Souza, DAR. Instabilities of rotating and unsteady flows
J. B. Sutcliffe, M. Subnational actors and the European Union: the case of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
K. M. R. Thompson, T. The logic of modern prudence: practical political judgement in modern representative democracies
A. D. Tibbalds, T. Three dimensional human face acquisition for recognition
A. J. C. Tubb, CL. Optical fibre surface plasma wave sensors
X. Wang, JE. Continuum modelling of cellular solids
D. J. Winter, JE. The development of the satirical periphrasis
M. Wu, G. Markov chain Monte Carlo methods applied to Bayesian data analysis

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


N. A. Neogi, N

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