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Preliminary Examinations, 1999

The following amendments of the regulations and the supplementary regulations for the several Preliminary Examinations (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 217) have been made by the authorities concerned, and have been approved by the General Board; these amendments will take effect from 1 October 1998 and relate to the examinations to be held in 1999.


Paper 3.

By deleting in the third paragraph the word 'Germany,'.

Regulation 3(b).

 By replacing the list of subjects by the following list:

  Classical traditions in the sciences
Natural and moral philosophies
Science, industry, and Empire
Metaphysics, epistemology, and the sciences
Science and technology studies
History and philosophy of mind
Making modern medicine

Regulation 2.

 By attaching the following footnote to the regulation:

In the examination to be held in 1999 Paper 21 will be set on a revised syllabus (to be examined in the Tripos for the first time in 2000) under the title 'Christian life and thought in late antiquity, with reference to specified topics'.


By amending the regulation for Paper 21 so as to read:

Paper 21. Christian life and thought in late antiquity, with reference to specified topics

Candidates shall offer:
either (a) the full syllabus as prescribed for Tripos candidates;
or (b) a restricted syllabus, as follows: the rise and formation of Christianity to A.D. 600; doctrines of God and of the person of Christ; the life and thought of Augustine.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 10 June 1998
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