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Oxford College Notices

Exeter College, Oxford


The Fellowship is offered for research in Oxford in one of the Medical Sciences, such as Anatomy, Biochemistry, Clinical Medicine, Genetics, Neuroscience, Pathology, Pharmacology, or Physiology. The Fellowship, which is open to men and women equally, will be tenable for two years in the first instance, from 1 October 1998, or as soon as possible thereafter. Applicants, who must not normally be over thirty-one years of age at that date, should write to the Rector at Exeter College, Oxford, OX1 3DP, or fax on 01865 279630, or e-mail the College Secretary (anne.macdonald@exeter.ox.ac.uk), for further particulars. The stipend will be determined in the light of any other endowments the Fellow is receiving. The closing date for applications is 19 June 1998.
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Cambridge University Reporter, 28 May 1998
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