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Geographical Tripos, Parts IB and II, 1999: Notice

The Faculty Board of Earth Sciences and Geography give notice that they have prescribed the following areas and topics for the Geographical Tripos in 1999:


Paper 5. The geography of Melanesia.


Paper  1. Human geography I: Social geography.
Paper  2. Human geography II: The restructuring of Britain.
Paper  3. Urban problems, planning, and policy.
Paper  4. The changing geography of the global political economy.
Paper  5. The Post-Soviet states of transition.
Paper  6. The human geography of Latin America.
Paper  7. Historical geography I: The geography of medieval Britain.
Paper  8. Historical geography II: The geography of Britain during the Industrial Revolution.
Paper  9. The geography of France, 1815-1939.
Paper 10. Aspects of cultural analysis with special reference to Western Europe after 1700.
Paper 11. Environment and conservation.
Paper 12. Physical geography I: Fluvial processes and the landscape.
Paper 13. Physical geography II: Polar and glacial studies.
Paper 14. Biogeography and environmental management.
Paper 15. Quaternary environments.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 20 May 1998
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