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Orders of Examinations, 1998: Amendments

The following amendments have been made to the Orders of Examinations published in the Reporter, Special No. 16:

Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos, Part II: Archaeology - AAT4OR (p.3)

The oral examinations will now be held on Monday 22 June, 9-5 and Tuesday 23 June, 9-5, not Monday 15 June, and Tuesday 16 June, 9-5. They will still be held in the Department of Archaeology.

Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part IB - MLT1 (p. 33)

Paper DUB2 Translation from Dutch on Monday 1 June, 1.30-4.30, will take place on Monday 1 June, 1.30-3.30, in the Sidgwick Avenue Lecture-rooms.

Paper HUB2 Translation from Hungarian on Wednesday 3 June, 9-12, will take place on Wednesday 3 June, 9-11, in the Sidgwick Avenue Lecture-rooms.

Examination in Oriental Studies for the degree of Master of Philosophy - OSM1 (p.25)

The following additional papers will take place in the Sidgwick Avenue Lecture-rooms (top floor)

Monday 8 June 9-12 IN1. Readings in Indian philosophy and religion
Tuesday 9 June 9-12 IN7. Advanced Sanskrit
Wednesday 10 June 9-12 INS. Special paper - Elementary Pali

Natural Sciences Tripos Part II: Zoology - NST2ZO (p. 42)

Oral Examination: This will be held on Thursday 4 June and Friday 5 June. Details will be posted on the Department Notice Board. Candidates required for an oral examination will be notified by the Senior Examiner.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 13 May 1998
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