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Regulations for Examinations: Notice by the General Board

The General Board give notice that, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board or other authority concerned, the regulations for certain University examinations have been amended as follows:

Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos

The New Regulations for the Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 236) have been amended as set out below. The purpose of the amendments is (a) to introduce a requirement for students intending to take Archaeology in Part IIB to spend two weeks on a training excavation, in addition to the four weeks that they are already required to spend on an excavation or fieldwork, (b) to allow a longer period for the submission of essays by candidates taking a seminar course in Biological Anthropology in Part IIA, and (c) to make provision for candidates to submit a film or filmed material as a component part of their dissertation in Part IIB. The regulations have been amended, with effect from 1 October 1998, as follows:

Regulation 14(b).

 By replacing the words 'at least four weeks' by the words 'at least six weeks1', and by attaching the following footnote:

Students will normally be required to spend two weeks on a training excavation arranged by the Head of the Department and four weeks on some other approved excavation or fieldwork.

Regulation 19.

 By replacing in the penultimate sentence of sub-paragraph (c) the words 'the seventh day of Full Easter Term in the year' by the words 'the division of the Easter Term'.

Regulation 20.

 By inserting after the first sentence of sub-paragraph (a) the following sentence:

A candidate who so wishes may request permission to include a film or filmed material, amounting to not more than twenty minutes in length, as a component part of the dissertation.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 13 May 1998
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