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The Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecturer for 1997-98, Professor Robert Frykenberg, will give a series of five lectures in Trinity Term 1998. The theme of the lectures will be India's Raj: indigenous components and the imperial construction of India.
Wednesday, 29 April Baniyas, Chettiars, and Dubashis: mercantile contributions to India's construction
Monday, 4 May Sepoys, Naukars, and Sawars: military contributions to India's conquest
Monday, 11 May Nayakas, Rayats, and Zamindars: political contributions to India's constitution
Monday, 18 May Munshis, Pandits, and Vakils: cultural contributions to India's consolidation
Wednesday, 20 May Mandalas, Mamul, and Namak: ideological contributions to India's consensus

The lectures will take place at 5 p.m. in the Examination Schools. All are welcome.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 30 April 1998
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