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Examiners and Assessors, 1998: Additions and amendments

(see also Reporter, p. 476)

Qualifying Examination in Education

  Add Dr H. D. Allen, HO (Senior), Mrs C. D. M. Doddington, HO, Ms I. Urquhart, HO, as Examiners. Delete Dr J. E. Anghileri, HO, as (Senior) Examiner.

Preliminary Examination for Part I of the Education Studies Tripos

  Examiner: Dr P. M. Warner, HO.

Education Tripos, Part I

  Assessors: Dr L. A. Quayson, PEM, Mr S. Watts, HO.

Historical Tripos, Part II

  Assessor: Dr B. P. Simms, PET.

Law Tripos, Part II

  Delete Dr J. W. F. Allison, Q, as an Examiner.

Mathematical Tripos, Part III

  External Examiner: Professor A. Sudbery, York.

Diploma in Public Health

  Part A: Examiners: Dr C. Camilleri-Ferrante, Dr C. Duff, Dr I. Harvey.

Part B, Paper 1: Examiners: Professor M. Coleman, Dr R. Hanka, W, Professor K. T. Khaw, CAI, Dr D. Melzer, Dr L. Willocks.

Part B, Paper 2: Examiners: Dr T. W. Davies, CAI (Senior), Ms V. Moore, Dr T. Shakespeare.

Part B, Paper 3: Examiners: Mr W. Hollingworth, Mr R. Male, Dr J. Powles. External Examiner: Professor B. Williams, Nottingham.

Second M.B. Examination

  Physiology A: External Examiner: Dr D. Lewis, Bristol.

Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, Part IB.

  Anatomy and Physiology: Assessor: Mr R. H. Whitaker, SE.

Diplomas in Modern Languages

  French: Delete Dr E. M. Guild, R, (Senior), Dr. S. Huot, PEM, Dr G. Jondorf, G, Dr H. S. Kay, G, Dr A. J. Martin, K, Dr E. Noetinger, EM as Examiners. Delete Professor J. N. Green, Bradford as an External Examiner. Delete Dr M. C. Jones, PET as an Assessor.

Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part IA

  Classical Latin: Examiners: Dr I. M. Du Quesnay, JE (Senior), Dr J. P. Hesk, JN, Dr A. M. Swinton, CL. Assessors: Mr A. J. Bowen, JE, Dr R. Omitowoju, K, Dr W. Scheidel, DAR, Professor D. N. Sedley, CHR, Mr R. J. E. Thompson, Q.

Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part IB

  Classical Latin: Examiners: Dr C. F. L. Austin, TH, Mr N. C. Denyer, T, Professor P. E. Easterling, N, Professor G. C. Horrocks, JN, Dr R. L. Hunter, PEM, Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd, DAR, Dr T. Meissner, PEM, Dr N. J. Spivey, EM, Mr P. C. N. Stewart. External Examiner: Dr M. R. Gale, Egham.

Natural Sciences Tripos, Part IB

  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Dr P. Dupree is a member of Magdalene College, M, and not Peterhouse, PET.

Philosophy Tripos, Part II

  Assessor: Dr M. Kusch.

Social and Political Sciences Tripos, Part I

  Examiner: Dr A. Steinhouse. Assessors: Dr J. P. Barrett, Dr J. D. Collin, Dr G. E. Jones, Dr J. A. Laidlaw, K, Dr D. Sneath, CHU, Professor A. M. Strathern, G. External Examiners: Professor M. Savage, Manchester, Dr P. Wade, Manchester, Dr V. Wright, Oxford.

Social and Political Sciences Tripos, Part II

  External Examiners: Professor M. Billig, Loughborough, Professor J. Urry, Lancaster, Mr L. Whitehead, Oxford.

Final Veterinary Examination, Part III

  Section 2: External Examiner: Mr D. G. Clayton Jones, Kent.

Second Veterinary M.B. Examination

  Physiology A: External Examiner: Dr D. Lewis, Bristol.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 30 April 1998
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