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Worcester College, Oxford


The College proposes to elect a Junior Research Fellow in Law, from 1 October 1998. The Fellowship is for an initial term of two years, and is renewable for a fixed term of one further year. The primary obligation of the Fellow will be to conduct advanced research in any area of law, broadly construed. The Fellow will also be required to teach the law of tort for the College and, at least in the first year, the law of contract. The average number of teaching hours will not exceed four a week. The Fellow will also be expected to assist in the academic administration of law in the College.

The first year salary will be £12,000. An application form and further particulars may be obtained from the College Secretary, Worcester College, Oxford, OX1 2HB (fax 01865 278303). The closing date for completed applications, including references, is 1 May 1998.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 22 April 1998
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