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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Divinity

J. S. K. Ward, M.A., TH

Doctor of Letters

T. C. W. Blanning, M.A., Ph.D., SID

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

S. C. Collinson, T

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

E. O. Abu, JN. The expression of thyroid hormone receptors in human bone
S. Agha-Mohammadi, K. Construction of single tetracycline-regulatable vectors for use in gene therapy
E. Andermarcher, DAR. The Hgfl/Msp gene in mouse development
D. M. Anderson, CC. Epidermal-mesenchymal interactions in the mouse. A study of follicullar dermal papilla cells and epidermal keratinocyte self-renewal
A. Y. Badmos, CHU. Some properties of mechanically alloyed oxide dispersion strengthened metals
S. J. Bamford, T. Studies towards the synthesis of the C1-C28 fragment of spongistatin 1
P. M. Barrett, T. Herbivory in the non-avian Dinosauria
K. S. Blanks, CL. Thermally stable interlayer materials for silicon carbide laminates
M. A. Bower, EM. A critical path to the characterisation of agriculture through the pollen of cereals
K. R. Brennan, CHR. The function of the Notch protein in Wingless signalling
D. B. Brown, DAR. Studies of transition metal clusters with cyclic alkenes
J. M. Brück, NH. The early-middle bronze age transition in Wessex, Sussex and the Thames Valley
P. Brusasco, HH. The Old Babylonian houses at Ur: a social analysis of space
H. G. Bullman, R. Development of a position sensitive atom detector for helium-surface scattering
R. Buzza, LC. Agency, animacy and personification in A Passage to India
M. Cash, DAR. Ceramics in reducing environments
V. R. Chabasseur-Molyneux, F. Ohmic contacts to the two dimensional electron gas of GaAs-A1GaAs heterostructures
M. Choudhury, Q. Degradation of polyethylene components in artificial knee joints
L. Conradt, PEM. Causes of sex differences in habitat use in red deer (Cervus elaphus L.)
C. R. Costa Posada, PET. The topographic effect in visible and near infrared satellite imagery
G. A. Coy, DAR. Dolomitisation of the Akhdar Group: the Arabian Platform of Oman
J. N. DelGiorno Dowthwaite, CHU. Influences upon menstrual and ovulatory function in a sample of Cambridge women
S. Derrer, CL. Medium ring lactams as peptide conformational constraints
V. S. Deshpande, EM. Steady-state deformation behaviour of bituminous mixes
T. M. D. Ebbels, JN. Galaxy evolution from gravitational lensing studies with the Hubble Space Telescope
L. A. I. Elfassy, PEM. Josephson junctions in high temperature superconducting patterned thin film resonators
M. Engelhard, DAR. The folding and structure of an acyl carrier protein
C. T. Faigle, W. DMS-Splines and radiosity
W. Y. Fan, PET. Plasma diagnostics and spectroscopy using tunable IR diode lasers
N. C. Filkin, CL. Electrochemical promotion of environmentally important catalytic reactions
A. L. Fletcher, LC. Cryogenic developments and signal amplification in environmental scanning electron microscopy
S. Fong, DAR. Biophysical studies on two [beta]-sandwich proteins: NMR studies on an immunoglobulin superfamily domain from twitchin - a muscle protein of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and stability studies on the C2 domain of human cytosolic phospholipase A2
J. M. Francis, PET. The Muisca Indians under Spanish rule, 1537-1636
M. W. D. Froggatt, DAR. Microcrystalline silicon thin film transistors made by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition
K. R. Gibson, G. Studies towards the synthesis of the spongistatins and remote asymmetric induction in aldol reactions
J. Glassford, CHU. Regulation of insulin-like growth factor-I bioactivity
D. J. Gould, CTH. Molecular genetic investigations into the inherited progressive retinal degenerations of dogs and cats
K. J. Hawley, N. How things persist
S. A. Hayward, G. Order parameter coupling in framework silicate minerals
W. P. Hems, DOW. Novel polymerisations and intramolecular dipolar cycloadditions in supercritical carbon dioxide
B. M. O. Heppe, T. Stochastic models of dispersion and mixing in homogeneous turbulence
G. Hernández-Vidal, W. Immunolocalization and modulation of lysosomal enzymes in normal and dyschondroplastic equine cartilage
S. G. Hild, JN. Managing mobile connections
N. P. R. Hill, T. Frictional drag of two-dimensional electron gases
N. N. N. Hochner, PEM. Representations of power in early modern France: Louis XII, the father of the people (1498-1515)
D. F. Hogg, W. The determinants of the path of technological change in agriculture
W. Hollingworth, DAR. Magnetic resonance imaging of the head, spine and knee: diagnosis, treatment and patients' quality of life
S. Hope, DOW. Spin polarised radiation studies of ultrathin magnetic films
S. J. Howard, JE. Sensitivity to UV-damage in SV40-transformed Indian muntjac cells
D. E. Hutchcroft, T. Quantum chromodynamics with the OPAL detector at LEP
A. G. Ioannou, PEM. Applications of time-dependent current density functional theory
M. J. Jennings, JN. On the weakly non-linear evolution of Tollmien-Schlichting waves in shear flow
C. R. Kaiser, TH. Intrinsic and cosmological evolution of powerful radio galaxies
R. D. Kangwai, CL. The analysis of symmetric structures using group representation theory
N. I. Kavanagh, NH. A quantitative analysis of the effect of calcium on oxidative phosphorylation
L. E. Keown, JE. Studies towards the total synthesis of the spongistatins
M. S. A. Khan, DOW. Microstructure and wear of thermally sprayed cermet coatings
Y-G. Kim, W. Visual surface representation for transparency, occlusion and brightness
A. G. Ladurner, JN. Analysis of fast protein folding
G. D. Leder, PET. Jet rates and new jet algorithms
D. Lee, HH. The design of organosilyl groups to control organic reactions
K. Leney, T. The politics of higher education in the Gold Coast and French West Africa from 1945 to independence
S. J. Lloyd, TH. Structure-property relationships in iron-copper multilayers
V. S. F. Lo, TH. Boundary hitting time distributions of one-dimensional diffusion processes
N. McDowell, M. The mechanism of long-range signalling between cells of the Xenopus embryo
M. J. McKiernan, W. Synthesis and conformational studies of 2,3-,3,4- and [beta],[beta]-cyclised chi constrained tryptophan mimetics
T. Manke, DAR. The spectroscopy of heavy quark systems
G. M. S. Mendelson, W. Analysis of human cytomegalovirus latency in myeloid cells
A. J. Moreira da Silva, SE. Laminar mixing of miscible liquids with a large viscosity difference
S. Nahar, R. The chemistry of mixed-metal organometallic clusters
A. Nair, DAR. Immunocytochemical localisation of cytokinins in oil palm (Elaeis guineenis Jacq.) embryos
R. M. Narasimha, CHU. Role of the paternal genome in mouse development
P. Natarajan, T. Probing the distribution of matter in galaxies and clusters
J. S. Park, PET. Conceptions of afterlife in Jewish inscriptions with special reference to Pauline literature
S. M. Petersen-Jones, DAR. Molecular genetic investigations of generalised progressive retinal atrophy in the dog
J. A. Powell, W. The ecology of forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis Matschie 1900) in Banyang-Mbo and Korup forests, Cameroon with particular reference to their role as seed dispersal agents
J. F. Pye, PEM. Surface treatments of aluminium for the production of lithographic printing plates
P. B. Reagan, CC. Humanism in early Taisho Japan: a study of the thought of Abe Jiro
T. W. J. Redman, CL. A simulated focus technique for the compression of multiple view 3-D images
O. M. Riordan, T. Subgraphs of the discrete torus, random graphs and general graph invariants
Q. D. H. Roberts, TH. The trailing edge loss of subsonic turbine blades
L. A. Robinson, HH. Studies towards the synthesis of the masked 1,2,3-tricarbonyl moiety of rapamycin
P. Romanowski, JN. Cell cycle regulation of DNA replication in Xenopus egg extracts
T. R. Scott, CHR. The implications of atmospheric seeing for optical interferometry
K. E. Spence, CHR. Orientation in ancient Egyptian royal architecture
P. A. Spikins, G. Re-thinking the Mesolithic of northern England: a re-evaluation of changes in environment, population and settlement
J. E. Spooner, DAR. Studies towards the use of sulfones in combinatorial synthesis
G. Srinivasan, EM. Modelling and control of vortex-induced bridge oscillations
T. A. E. Stout, EM. Maternal recognition of pregnancy in the mare
M. A. Tadross, CC. Microwave remote sensing of young sea ice in the Greenland Sea
A. Tarekegn, CAI. The mortuary practices of Aksumite Ethiopia with particular reference to the Gudit Stelae Field (GSF) site
R. W. Tennent, JN. Digital modems for mud pulse telemetry
A. M. Thackray, LC. Effects of acyclic nucleoside analogue prodrugs on the pathogenesis of HSV during acute and latent infection
S. Thian, CAI. The quinolinic acid lesion of the neostriatum examined in the context of neuronal transplantation
E. E. M. Tilley, DOW. Synthesis and characterisation of nanocrystalline metal oxides
B. D. M. Tom, JN. Modelling event-history data in the context of medical statistics
A. Turner, CHR. Herpes simplex virus induced membrane fusion
E. H. van der Meer, F. Riser exits and scaling of circulating fluidised beds
S. R. Waterhouse, JE. Classification and regression using mixtures of experts
S. E. Woods, CTH. The role of the 'old' in new economic geography: the survival and significance of a mature industrial district
K. H. Wyllie, K. The design and development of radiation-tolerant silicon microstrip detectors for tracking at the future Large Hadron Collider
K. C. Yow, DOW. Automatic human face detection and localization
S. A. Zakin, T. Inside books of the world: issues of textual interpretation in mid-seventeenth-century discourse on knowledge

Master of Letters

H. Yoshino, JE. 'International crimes of State' and individual criminal responsibility

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


N. S. Bacon, Q  G. Lyon, CHR  P-J. Warburton, JN


S. Boyer-Langri, TH

Master of Studies


C. A. Jones, M D. Phillips, M G. D. Wood, W
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