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Lecture-list, 1997-98: Corrections and additions


Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Part I, Old English (Paper 5) (p. 24)
  Dr A. P. M. Orchard

Old English texts (second year class) (4C). Tu. 11 (not Tu. 10)

Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, Part IB (p. 159)

Special Veterinary Physiology (Course Organizer: Dr J. C. D. Hickson, e-mail: jcdh1@cam.ac.uk)

Lectures: Th. 9 (not Tu. S. 9) (Biffen Lecture Theatre) unless otherwise stated

   Prof. A. D. Care (Main Physiology Lecture Theatre)

Acute ruminant hypomagnesaemia - its physiological basis. W. 3.30 (Additional lecture, 29 April)

Calcium metabolism in ruminants - physiological basis of milk fever (not Calcium and magnesium metabolism in ruminants). (One lecture, 30 April)

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