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Elections, appointment, and reappointments

The following elections, appointment, and reappointments have been made:


Mr E. R. Chilvers, whose election into the Professorship of Respiratory Medicine was announced in Reporter, p. 99, took up his duties on 1 February 1998.

Mr R. J. Mair, M.A., Ph.D., CL, F.Eng., F.I.C.E., Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor and Director of the Geotechnical Consulting Group, London, elected Professor of Engineering 1996 (Grace 6 of 1 December 1965) from 1 October 1998.

Professor J. M. Perez-Mato, Professor at the Universidad Del Pais Vasco, Spain, elected B.B.V. Foundation Visiting Fellow from 10 April 1998 to 18 June 1998, assigned to the Department of Earth Sciences.


Head of Department

  Plant Sciences. The General Board, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board of Biology, have appointed Professor R. A. Leigh to be Head of Department from 1 March 1998 for five years.


University Lecturers

  Materials Science and Metallurgy (correction). Dr D. M. Knowles, whose reappointment was announced in Reporter, p. 359, is a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, not of St Catharine's College.

Associate Lecturers

  Clinical Medicine. Dr J. D. Scott reappointed from 1 October 1996 for five years. Dr T. P. Baglin, Dr S. A. Bingham, Q, Dr L. S. Culank, and Dr R. E. Marcus, reappointed from 1 December 1997 for five years. Dr K. N. Bullock, SE, and Dr C. A. Lawton reappointed from 1 February 1998 for five years.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25th February 1998
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