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Cambridge Research and Innovation Limited

CRIL is an investment fund for innovators who are creating valuable new technology through their research. For each venture which CRIL supports we work closely with the innovators, building a venture around their technology. In addition to funds, CRIL invests a considerable amount of its management's time in nurturing the venture through the early stages of its growth. CRIL's capital comes from insurance companies, pensions funds, the University of Cambridge, and some of its Colleges.

CRIL is looking for: new technologies with specific applications, where the technology so applied produces products which have significant advantages over competing products; new technologies which can be protected by patent design registration or copyright; and technologies which have the potential to address large, possibly global, markets. We will consider investments in newly emerging technologies across the entire scientific spectrum. We typically invest between £20,000 and £200,000 in milestone related stages, in ventures within two hours' travelling time of Cambridge. CRIL takes a flexible approach to each investment, as each situation is different, but where appropriate CRIL will provide funding for patent applications, market research, and prototype development; and provide management input and secretarial and accounting support.

We welcome initial contact with innovators either by telephone or letter. CRIL will then work with the innovator to develop a proposal for investment or evaluate an existing proposal. All information provided during this process is treated as confidential, and will only be discussed by a small number of people on a need to know basis. More details on CRIL are available from Chris Smart, Cambridge Research and Innovation Limited, 13 Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JB, tel. 312856. For information on the interaction with the University please contact Dr Richard Jennings, Wolfson Industrial Liaison Office, 20 Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1QA, tel. 334755, fax. 332797.

Patent Clinic: Advice on Intellectual Property Rights
(with Page, White and Farrer)

Professional advice on intellectual property rights (patents, copyright, design) is a crucial step in protecting inventors' rights in the process of commercialization. Patents may give protection to novel devices, systems, processes, and products. Designs relate to the appearance of products. Copyright may protect software. It is only by seeking legal rights, e.g. by way of a patent, that the commercial potential of many new ideas can be fully exploited. To obtain effective patent protection it is essential that a patent application is filed at the Patent Office before publication or any non-confidential disclosure.

Cambridge Research and Innovation Ltd in association with Page, White and Farrer, Chartered Patent Agents, hold monthly patent clinics in Cambridge for researchers to give preliminary confidential guidance. Page, White and Farrer is a London firm of qualified patent practitioners, including several Cambridge graduates, having a wide variety of technical backgrounds including electronics, physics, engineering, material sciences, chemistry, and biotechnology.

The next patent clinics will be held at 13 Station Road, Cambridge, on 3 March and 7 April 1998. Please contact Chris Smart or Lucy Block at CRIL on 312856 to arrange a time for a confidential discussion. There is no charge for the service, nor any obligation.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 18th February 1998
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