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OFSTED inspections of initial teacher training: Mathematics and Geography

During the academical year 1996-97, the University of Cambridge's P.G.C.E. courses in Mathematics and Geography were inspected by OFSTED. The joint OFSTED/TTA Framework for the Assessment of Quality and Standards in Initial Teacher Training was used.

The outcome of the two inspections was expressed in terms of the grading of six cells on a four-point scale as follows:

Complies with the Secretary of State's current criteria 1 Very good, with several outstanding features
2 Good, with no significant weaknesses
3 Adequate, but requires significant improvement
Does not comply with the Secretary of State's current criteria 4 Poor quality

The grades awarded in respect of the P.G.C.E. course in Mathematics and Geography were as follows:

Mathematics Geography
S1 The Quality of the Admissions Policy and the Selection Procedures 1 1
T2 The Quality of the Training Process in Developing Competences 1 1
T4 The Quality and Consistency of the Assessment of Students' Competences 2 2
C1 The Students' Subject Knowledge for Teaching in the Relevant Age-Range 1 1
C2 The Students' Planning, Teaching and Classroom Management 1 1
C3 The Students' Assessment, Recording and Reporting of Pupils' Progress 1 1

Copies of the reports of the inspections are available to members of the University on request from the Education Section of the General Board, 4 Parson's Court, tel. (7)66268.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 18th February 1998
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