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Approved for degrees and diplomas

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

R. D. Bowen, M. A., Ph. D. SID M. S. Duesbury, M. A., Ph. D. DOW
J. H. Brock, M. A. SE

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph. D., M. Sc., and M. Litt. Degrees)

C. M. Alexander, NH. The political economy of the Turkish Sugar Corporation
P. W. Badenhorst, JN. The role of Tramtrack in Drosophila nervous system development
D. M. Bailer-Jones, ED. Scientific models: a cognitive approach with an application in astrophysics
H. Becker, F. Controlling the radiative properties of conjugated polymers
K. E. Brashier, JN. Evoking the ancestor: the stele hymn of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 C. E.)
J. Brasington, EM. Monitoring and modelling hydrologic response and sediment yield in heterogeneous highland catchments
L. M. Broad, CC. Regulation of Ca2+ entry and Ca2+ efflux in smooth muscle cell lines
T. A. Brunt, Q. Stress measurements at the solid-liquid interface using a micromechanical sensor
D. Burns, JN. Experiments with the Cambridge Optical Aperture Synthesis Telescope
S. E. Burns, F. Interference phenomena in conjugated polymer films and devices
N. A. Chester, CTH. Mathematical modelling of microstructural development in continuously annealed high-strength steels
N. Chong, F. Room-temperature GaAs and polysilicon thermal sensors for infrared radiation
D. Christodoulou, JN. The hetaira in the ancient Greek world
Z. Clyde-Watson, CTH. Porphyrin-based receptors: synthesis and intra-cavity chemistry
R. E. Collins, T. Courtly and Neocourtly: love, licence and Latinity in selected Old French fabliaux
A. M. Cox, EM. A study of stylistic effects in the Blickling 'temporale' homilies
J. Crawshaw, CTH. Changes in cellulose microstructure during processing
J. L. Crump, CC. A study of gaming and eighteenth-century English novels
J. E. P. Davidson, CL. Studies towards the synthesis of the cladiellane oxacycles
T. P. Davidson, ED. Synthesis, structure and properties of semi-fluorinated polymers
J. R. Davies, W. The Book of Llandaf in its early twelfth-century Cambro-Norman context
M. K. Davies, EM. Synthetic applications of p block metal anions
P. C. Dickson, R. Modelling fluid flow in seafloor hydrothermal systems
J. N. Dimmick, CAI. Patterns of ethics and politics in John Gower's Confessio Amantis
K. Dimopoulos, DAR. Astrophysical consequences of phase transitions in the Early Universe: primordial magnetic fields and superconducting cosmic strings
P. H. H. Draeger, ED. Great Britain and Hanover, 1830-66
G. E. Duffield, SID. The ontogeny of the circadian system in the Siberian hamster
L. M. Dunlop, JN. Cities without walls: the politics of melancholy from Machaut to Lydgate
K. E. Falconer, R. Environmental policy and the use of agricultural pesticides
K. S. Farnhill, T. Gilds and the parish community in late medieval East Anglia, c. 1470-1550
M. I. Forcada i Miró, TH. Radiative shocks in galaxy formation
M. M. Frame, JN. The St Petersburg Imperial Theatres, 1900-1920: culture and power during the Russian Revolution
G. M. Fraser, W. Expression of flagella and haemolysin during the swarming differentiation of P. mirabilis
M. R. Frogley, F. The biostratigraphy, palaeoecology and geochemistry of a long lacustrine sequence from NW Greece
M. Gambhir, G. Models of phase transitions in silicates
N. Garbutt, W. The Kitab al-Aghdhiya of Hunayn ibn Ishaq: a critical study
E. R. G. Gee, CC. Astronomy as a literary device in the Fasti of Ovid: Aratean poetry and Augustan politics
A. Ghosh, CL. Literature, language and print in Bengal, c. 1780-1905
S. G. Goveas, M. The laser ignition of energetic materials
J. S. Gren, Q. The New Regionalism in the EU: a comparative study of Catalonia, Rhône-Alpes and West Sweden
T. A. Hall, W. Accommodating inequality: an ethnography of youth homelessness and hostel provision in South-East England
J. M. C. Ionides, M. Methods for measuring long-range heteronuclear coupling constants in macromolecules
M. Isabella, SID. At the origins of the Italian Risorgimento: revolutionary activities and politico-economic thought of Giuseppe Pecchio (1785-1835)
S. J. James, PET. Money and narrative: Dickens, Gissing and Wells
J. Jones, SE. Neural network modelling of the tensile properties of Ni-base superalloys
D. Kidd, TH. A molecular analysis of the centrosome: an investigation of two novel centrosomal proteins, LK6 and MA8
V. G. Kimonides, N. The neuroprotective role of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) on neurotoxicity in the hippocampus
D. H. Kochloukova, T. The FPm-Conjecture for a class of metabelian groups and related topics
C. Kontos, HH. A molecular analysis of the role of ribosomal pausing in -1 ribosomal frameshifting
R. M. Korn, W. Mapping sex determining genes and development of techniques for gene mapping in the domestic fowl
S. Lauricella, CC. Economic and social influences on marriage in Banbury, 1730-1841
M. W. Lee, PET. Aspects of bilingual lexical processing
W-P. Lin, PEM. Kinship and the concept of the house in a Taiwanese village
S. J. S. Lister, T. Unconventional states in spin-correlated metals
S. P. Lucey, HH. The evaluation of triple differential cross sections in ([gamma], 2e), (e,2e) and related processes
M. D. Mackey, TH. Theoretical studies on dialkyl boron halide complexes
G. A. T. McVean, CAI. Adaptation and conflict: the differences between the sexes in mammalian genome evolution
H. M. S. P. Madawala Weerasinghe, CAI. Hedgerow intercropping for soil improvement in Sri Lanka
K. T. Magnuson, F. Procreation and childlessness in theological perspective: an examination of the debate about reproductive technology
D. W. F. Mair, CTH. Hydrological influences on the dynamics of valley glaciers
T. G. W. Malcherek, DAR. The kinetics of the monoclinic to monoclinic phase transition in BaAl2Ge2O8-Feldspar
J. M. Matters, EM. Some chemistry of ruthenium carbonyl clusters with arene ligands
L. M. Meskell, K. Egyptian social dynamics: the evidence of age, sex and class in domestic and mortuary contexts
I. S. Millard, HH. Thermodynamic and magnetotransport measurements in GaAs-(Ga,A1)As multiple quantum well devices
S. M. Miller, T. An analysis of the Anglo-Saxon charters of the New Minster, Winchester
C. Mitsch, F. Structure and physical properties of Inovirus
L. Moir, PEM. The protection of civilians during non-international armed conflict
J. W. Moody, EM. Jonathan Edwards and the Enlightenment: knowing the presence of God
S. J. Mrose, W. Multiresolution curve and surface design: theory and application of spline wavelets
J. M. Mwaniki, CHU. Synthesis of homochiral propargylsilanes
A. J. North, Q. The Schottky collector resonant tunnelling diode and lateral injection lasers formed by growth on patterned substrates
G. I. Ogilvie, CL. Magnetic fields in accretion discs
D. R. Owen, M. Methods for the use of vicinal diketone reagents in synthesis
H-Y. Park, G. Kinship in post-socialist Mongolia: its revival and reinvention
S. V. Parker, Q. Modelling of phase transformations in hot-rolled steels
K. W. Peng, CAI. Protease-activatable targeted retroviral vectors
H-Y. Poon, JN. Action of endothelin receptors in vascular control
S. Raghavan, CHU. Connectin function and regulation in Drosophila
D. Roos, F. Babylon in the book of Isaiah
D. M. Rose, JN. Asymptotic theory of some complex queueing networks
A. B. Rosenfeld, CHU. Effects of nitrogen and soil conditions on growth, development and yield in potatoes
M. G. Russell, CHU. Wittig reactions in aqueous solution
M. S. M. Saifullah, SID. Electron and ion beam nanolithography using inorganic resists
A. Scheel, DAR. Biochemical characterisation of the human KDEL receptor
G. P. Shields, PEM. Systematic studies in structural chemistry
J. M. Shilton, PEM. Acoustoelectric effects in low-dimensional electron systems
R. Sterckx, CLH. The animal and the daemon in early China: a study of animal lore in Warring States and Han texts
N. P. Stirk, DOW. Enterprise culture in late eighteenth-century Birmingham
A. M. Taylor, CC. Father and son: the paternal inheritance of Henry James
M. J. Taylor, EM. The stability of the boundary layer on swept wings
D. C. Tickle, HH. Enzyme models and chiral surfactants
M. C. Tombs, SID. British politics in transition, 1923-1924: the creation of a new two-party system
S. G. N. Tuck, T. The civil rights movement in Georgia, U. S. A., 1940-1980
A-W. D. Tyler, DOW. An investigation into the magnetotransport properties of layered superconducting perovskites
M. Unavane, T. Aspects of Galactic structure
T. A. Waigh, CAI. The structure and side-chain liquid-crystalline polymeric properties of starch
H. F. Ward, K. Worth its weight: gold, women and value in North West India
J. Whitelock, DAR. The Seven Sages of Rome and Orientalism in Middle English literature, with an edition of the poem from Cambridge, University Library, Dd. 1. 17
J. Wills, SID. Re-writing Latin American debt: critical geopolitics and the international financial system
J. K. W. Wong, DAR. Development of a transcription map of the AZFc region of the long arm of the human Y chromosome
B. M. Woodley, DAR. Acoustic resonance theory
V. M. Wunderle, W. Effects of chromosome rearrangements observed in campomelic dysplasia patients on SOX9 expression
X-K. Zhu, CLH. High resolution in situ SIMS study of metamorphic monazite

Master of Science

M. Wiltshire, JE. The function of a novel human T-cell subpopulation

Master of Letters

J. H. B. Gutierre, CC. Transcendental idealist motifs in contemporary epistemology: some parallels between Kuhn, Putnam, and Kant
S. M. Riddle, DAR. Age, obsolescence and unemployment. The older worker in the British industrial system: 1890-1940

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


J. C. C. Freeman, DAR M. Vidakovic, EM
M. A. C. Lange, PEM


O. W. Choroba, JN M. Decker, JN


B. N. Mamkov, HH S. Saisho, PEM
K. Nagasaki, Q


T. H. Whiting, ED


S. S. Weeraratne, R


S. Duke, SE A. M. Muir, M
R. U. Gerza, Q


M. Kovacevich, CAI


M. A. Agüeros, EM R. I. Tamisari, DAR

Diploma in Legal Studies

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Law have awarded a Diploma in Legal Studies to the following:
E. M. Brunts, CL

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