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Mansfield College, Oxford

Oxford Centre for the Environment, Ethics and Society (OCEES)


OCEES is a multi-disciplinary research centre, focusing on the social, economic, ethical, and cultural dimensions of environmental issues and policies. It is proposing to appoint two further research fellows for fixed terms as soon as practicable (with the assistance, respectively, of UK Waste Ltd and Enterprise Oil plc).
  1. Sustainable Waste Management. The appointee must be able to undertake original research and writing on the socio-economic, cultural, and societal context relevant to the sustainability of waste management practices, including, for example, waste minimization, recycling, and life-cycle analysis. He or she must have a willingness to relate the work to practical policy solutions and business strategies, and to collaborate closely with other staff in OCEES in a multi-disciplinary way.
  2. Environmental Economics. The appointee must be able to undertake original research and writing (including contributing to specifically commissioned research projects) in environmental economics, and to undertake teaching in environmental economics at the Master's level from the perspectives of both the developed and developing worlds. The appointee will be expected to have a relevant postgraduate qualification and at least one degree in economics, and must be able to work constructively in a multi-disciplinary team. The post will be partly funded by the University of Oxford's Department of Development Studies (Queen Elizabeth House).

For both posts the salary on appointment will be in the range £15,159 to £19,371 a year.

Further details may be obtained from the OCEES Administrator, Mansfield College, Oxford, OX1 3TF, tel/fax 01865 270886, email ocees@mansf.ox.ac.uk, website http://users.ox.ac.uk/~ocees Final applications must be received no later than 6 February 1998.

The College is an equal opportunities employer.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 21st January 1998
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