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Approved for degrees and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

V. R. Aluvihare, CHR. Antigen presentation by the B cell antigen receptor
S. Amad, G. Socio-political and cultural correlates of Sufism in a Jordanian setting. Case study: Dar al-Quran al-Karim Zawiyah and its two politically active adepts
P. M. Bird, CHU. Stereocontrol in the synthesis of substituted spirocyclic ethers
J. C. Bramley, JE. Complement regulation in microorganisms: Herpesvirus saimiri CD59
X. Chen, PEM. An end-to-end communication support architecture for multi-service applications
L. P. Clarke, CTH. The chemistry of osmium and ruthenium diyne clusters
L. R. Cox, K. [pi]-Allyltricarbonyliron lactone complexes in asymmetric synthesis
J-S. Craig, CLH. Imagination and creativity in autism and Asperger's Syndrome
J. D. Crawford, W. An examination of prayer and other techniques of plague aversion in the Hebrew Bible in the light of other ancient Near Eastern texts: a comparative study
L. Cresswell, K. Augusta: images of the empress and Roman imperial power
M. A. B. da Graça Moura, EM. Schumpeter's inconsistencies and Schumpeterian exegesis: diagnosing the theory of creative destruction
S. G. Dagut, EM. Racial attitudes among British settlers in South Africa c. 1850 - c. 1895
R. P. Davies, JN. The elucidation of organic reaction mechanisms involving lithium reagents
M. D. Döbrössy, HH. Cognitive and motor effects of neostriatal lesions and grafts
N. L. Douglas, CAI. Tuning glycoside reactivity: a new tool for efficient oligosaccharide synthesis
I. D. J. Dupère, DOW. Sound vortex interaction in pipes
A. A-R. El-Hamalawi, HH. Adaptive refinement of finite element meshes for geotechnical analyses
D. L. Gammal, PEM. Relations between British government sources and the media in wartime: an analysis of the Falklands War (1982) and the Gulf War (1991)
T. M. Gibson, PEM. The passive control of shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions
A. C. H. Haaf, T. Structure of the major sperm protein from Acaris suum
J. R. Harrison, CAI. Exploration of 8-membered lactones in synthesis
J. P. Hepple, DOW. Expression and crystallization of the receptor-binding domains of HGF/SF
R. B. Hodess, LC. Media coverage of European Community politics in Britain and Germany, 1985-1991
T. Isogai, ED. Creep-fatigue crack growth in engineering materials
C. A. Jackson, W. Cosmological tests of unified models for extragalactic radio sources
N. D. Jeffery, W. Behavioural consequences of demyelination and remyelination in the dorsal funiculus of the rat spinal cord
R. J. Jeffery, W. The changing global economy: the role of sovereignty and jurisdiction in the creation and elimination of distortions to trade associated with international taxation
C. M. Johnson, N. Role of Ras/MAP kinases in the control of gene expression by calcium and growth factor signalling pathways
P. J. E. Kail, CL. The manner of the new creation: projection and secondary qualities in the philosophy of David Hume
A. Köhler, W. Photocurrent spectroscopy on conjugated polymers
C. R. Laing, DAR. Coupled oscillator networks
Q. Li, CLH. Platelet glycoprotein Ib[alpha]: structure, function, and immunogenicity
H. Lillehammer, PET. The concept of reason in ethics
S. R. Mack, CL. Reactions of silyllithium reagents with tertiary amides
R. McWilliams Tullberg, DAR. Alfred Marshall and the possibility of social progress
Y. Mao, T. Interactions in colloidal and polymeric mixtures
M. Monnot, CHU. Mother-infant communication and infant health
R. D. A. Murray, DAR. Discrete approximation of invariant densities
N. E. Newton-Fisher, CHU. Tactical behaviour and decision making in wild chimpanzees
L. M. Nicholson, ED. Modelling of microstructural development in polymer films
S. P. D. G. O'Harrow, M. The country house architecture of Henry VII and the nobility
R. O. Owen, TH. Continuous counter-current contacting for the direct extraction of proteins
C. J. Pickard, CHR. Ab initio electron energy loss spectroscopy
P. J. A. Piotrowicz, F. Fabrication and measurement of laterally confined double barrier heterostructures with wide wells
T. J. Pollehn, CTH. Assessment of many-body approximations using model systems
R. Prosser, SE. Numerical methods for the computation of combustion
A. J. Rollo, CHU. A reassessment of the country house architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens (1889-1913)
H. J. Schwering, R. On risk and the production of knowledge – economic and sociological perspectives
S. J. Sharp, G. The wear of polymers
I. D. Springle, DAR. Photoluminescent liquid crystal displays
A. Thompson, PEM. The art of suffering: an examination of one aspect of seventeenth-century practical theology
S. E. Ward, DOW. Novel amino-acids from imino Diels-Alder reactions
S. J. Webb, R. Mixed metalloporphyrin oligomers as oxidation catalysts
K. S. Whitaker, JE. Curiosi and virtuosi: gentlemanly culture, experimental philosophy, and political life in England, 1620-1685
S. J. A. Williams, M. Adhesion failures of water-based printing inks on polyethylene
S. Woolfries, K. Nonlinear wave propagation in microcracked media
D. J. Wring, TH. Political marketing and the Labour Party: the relationship between campaign strategy and intra-organisational power

Master of Science

Y. S. Soman, Q. Growth and surface morphology of high Tc superconducting thin films

Master of Letters

C. Moal, W. Constitutional restraints on participation of Germany and Japan in the United Nations peacekeeping troops

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


M. Kousoulakou, W


M. Fändrich, DAR  J. M. Wentworth, PET
I. C. Kleppe, TH  R. S. Yadav, K
K. G. C. Tang, TH


Y. Z. Khimyak, DOW  G. B. Teh, CTH
J. C. Mössinger, W


S. J. Ward, CAI


M. J. Brear, CL  M. N. Sathekge, M
C. Y. Lai, F


A. Hobdari, N  M. A. Miller, Q
J. Lein-Mathisen, TH  N. C. Proudfoot, TH


E. Mancusi Materi, ED


H. T. Lim, CHU  I. M. A. Simionescu, JN


S. Özcan, NH


J. D. Neil, HH

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Chemical Engineering

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Chemical Engineering to the following:

F. M. San Martini, CHU

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Cambridge University Reporter, 14th January 1998
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