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Maternity leave for University officers: Notice

Women University officers are entitled to eighteen weeks' maternity leave with stipend and up to twenty-seven weeks' further leave without stipend. Under the current provisions (see the Notice by the Council and the General Board, Statutes and Ordinances, p. 627) the employer's contribution to USS is maintained during the whole period of an officer's leave, including any unpaid period. The Council and the General Board have agreed that in future this provision should be restricted to the eighteen-week period of paid leave. The Notice has accordingly been amended, with effect from 1 January 1998, as follows:

 By amending the penultimate sentence of the second paragraph so as to read:

 Employer's contributions to USS will be continued for the period of paid leave; during any period of unpaid leave an officer may maintain her USS contributions by paying both the employee's and the employer's contribution if she wishes to do so. Stipend increments will accrue in the normal way during leave.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 14th January 1998
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