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Notice by the Council and the General Board on the levels of stipend of the holders of certain University offices

8 December 1997

In February 1997 the Council and the General Board published a Joint Report on payments additional to stipend for Heads of Departments and Chairmen and Secretaries of the Boards of Faculties not organized in Departments, and the stipends of the holders of certain University offices (Reporter, 1996-97, p. 416). The Report was discussed on 4 March 1997 (ibid., p. 523), and in their Notice of 28 April (ibid., p. 651) the Council and the Board commented on the remarks made at the Discussion. In response to the remarks made by Dr Edwards, the Council and the Board drew attention to the fact that the remuneration of the holders of senior academic and academic-related offices in the University is a sensitive and complex matter, and that there are a number of factors to be taken into account which are not wholly reconcilable; they indicated that they were currently engaged in a review of the University's pay structure from the top of the scale for University Lecturers and analogous academic-related offices up to the professorial grade and other comparable senior grades, and that the review would cover both academic and academic-related offices. They went on to explain that there would be appropriate consultation on this matter and that the outcome of the review - which would not necessarily result in an increase in the stipends of all or any of the senior officers concerned - would be reported, if possible, not later than the end of the Michaelmas Term 1997.

 The Council and the Board have been consulting the Chairmen of the relevant authorities. They have not yet received comments from all the Chairmen concerned, and will not therefore be in a position to report their conclusions this term. The progress of the review is complicated by a number of factors, which include:

 The Council and the General Board will keep the Regent House informed of progress made in their consideration of the structure of academic and academic-related offices and levels of pay.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 10th December 1997
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