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Graces submitted to the Regent House on 10 December 1997

The Council submit the following Graces to the Regent House. These Graces, other than any which is withdrawn or for which a ballot is requested in accordance with the regulations for Graces of the Regent House (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 113) will be deemed to have been approved at 4 p.m. on Friday, 19 December 1997.

1. That Dr D. M. Turner, PET, be appointed a member of the Finance Committee of the Council to serve for three years from 1 January 1998.

2. That the regulation for the Teape Prize be replaced by the following regulations:

 1. The sum received by the University from the Trustees of the Teape Fund shall form a fund called the Teape Prize Fund.

 2. The income of the Fund shall be used to provide a prize called the Teape Prize, in memory of William Marshall Teape, M.A., B.D., of St John's College, which shall be awarded by the Examiners for Part II of the Theological and Religious Studies Tripos for distinction in the study of religions of India, as shown by performance either in a dissertation or in a paper on the study or the comparative study of religions in that examination.

 3. The value of the Prize shall be determined by the Faculty Board of Divinity within a range approved from time to time by the Council.

 4. Any unexpended income in a financial year shall be added to the capital of the Fund.1

1 Statutes and Ordinances, p. 831. See the Vice-Chancellor's Notice, p. 246.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 10th December 1997
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