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Approved for degrees and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Letters

C. A. Bayly, Ph. D., CTH

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

I. H. Dennis, Q

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph. D., M. Sc., and M. Litt. Degrees)

D. C. Aldridge, CC. Reproductive ecology of bitterling (Rhodeus sericeus Pallas) and unionid mussels
S. M. Avery-Quash, EM. 'Creating a taste for beauty': Henry Cole's book ventures
A. G. Bateman, CAI. Evolution of the structure and function of the immunoglobulin superfamily
G. K. Battison, CHU. Talking about parasuicide: attributions among parasuicide patients and Accident and Emergency staff.
M. F. Bosworth, TH. Resisting identities: agency and power in women's prisons
L. M. Campbell, JN. International conservation and local development: the sustainable use of marine turtles in Costa Rica
A. G. Chiarello, G. Mammalian community and vegetation structure of Atlantic forest fragments in south-eastern Brazil
D. Y-S. Chung, CHU. Keyboard arrangements of Lully's music and their significance for French harpsichord music
B. Eftekhari, F. Essays on risk and portfolio management
K. M. Gaseltine, ED. Nietzsche on truth and truthfulness
D. A. Halls, W. Applying mobile code to distributed systems
J. L. Hart, CLH. Representing the New World: the English and French uses of the example of Spain, 1492-1713
D. M. Hopkin, CHU. Changing popular attitudes to the military in Lorraine and surrounding regions, 1700-1870
M. A. Hunter, EM. The tectonic setting of the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe
M. J. Hutchinson, CC. Molecular determinants for Fc-gamma-receptor mediated phagocytosis and trans-membrane interactions between receptor subunits
T-D. M. C. Jolliffe, K. Central coherence dysfunction in autistic spectrum disorder
C. V. Lascelles, LC. Regulation of human ketogenesis: role of mitochondrial 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthase
L-L. Li, ED. Characterisation and functional analysis of the imprinted Peg3 gene in mice
H. Mistry, G. Identification of loci interacting with G[alpha]s signalling in Drosophila melanogaster
J. E. Murton, DAR. Coping with more people: population growth, non-farm income and economic differentiation in Machakos District, Kenya.
J. N. Parrott, JN. Expression and function of Rel/NF-[kappa]B transcription factors in the early mouse embryo
P. K. Rhoden, PET. The evolution of social behaviour in aphids of the genus Pemphigus
M. R. Roe, CL. Cryptography and evidence
F. Shi, CHU. An architecture for scalable and deterministic video servers
I. A. S. Singh, TH. Superstratal influence on the formation of Trinidad's English-based creole
C. D. W. Smythe, JN. Studies on lipid metabolism in human skin
H-H. Stølum, DAR. River meandering as a self-organisation process
R. J. E. Thompson, Q. The origins of the Arcado-Cypriot dialect group
S-H. T. Tsai, JN. Environmentalism in policy formation and management: the case of multinational corporations in China and Taiwan
L-A. Tunstall, JN. The Poor Clares in the Hispanic kingdoms during the thirteenth century
R. M. Viner, CL. Healthy children for a new world: Abraham Jacobi and the making of American pediatrics

Master of Letters

N. Niimi, K. The revival of Aristotelianism: problems and perspectives

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


B. Finstad, TH K. S. Tang, DOW
B. G. Schlarb, CC S. M. Wignall, CHU


E. J. Bowden-Smith, W D. R. Dhillon, TH


A. C. J. Goodchild, ED


R. Le. P. Agnew, PEM L. Olter, CLH
E. D. Ayer, ED J. Scott, PET
J. M. Brooke, SE W. E. Shapiro, ED
R. C. H-G. Eisenberg, CL C. N. Speranzo, ED
H. Furuya, EM R. Tanaka, DAR
C. Hersom, M T. C. Tutill, PEM
T. Jersak, PET B. Ungaro, DAR
O. Kawanishi, PEM C. Wille, N
T. Maruyama, PEM P. Wongthawatchai, G
J. Okamoto, TH


C. M. Stuckmann, LC


V. M. Cline, DAR


L. D. R. Hares, DOW

Master of Studies


W. A. Barnes, CAI J. N. Haddock, LC
L. Boothman, CAI L. C. Jacobs, CAI
S. Flood, CAI L. A. Rowe, W
S. A. Geddes, CC E. Wallace, CAI

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Chemical Engineering

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Chemical Engineering to the following:

F. A. Oloo, DAR

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Cambridge University Reporter, 3rd December 1997
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