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Norwegian Government Scholarships

Scholarships for 1998-99 are offered by the Norwegian Government through the International Scholarship Section (IS) at the Research Council of Norway, to students and young researchers from countries with which Norway has a cultural agreement, among them the United Kingdom. The Scholarships are designed to establish contact between Norwegian and foreign students/researchers and institutions of higher learning and research. They are not intended to finance a complete education in Norway and are therefore normally limited to one academic year. A minimum of two years of study experience at university level is required. Candidates should normally be between twenty and thirty-five years of age and have a good working knowledge of a Scandinavian language or English. It should be noted that lectures are usually given in Norwegian.

 Scholarships are paid in monthly instalments (currently NOK6,200). The first instalment includes additional funds for initial expenses and for study tours/materials. No travel support is granted. Accommodation will be in single rooms in student dormitories.

 Further details regarding application procedures are available from the University Registry.

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