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Entente Cordiale Scholarships

Set up in 1995, at the time of the Franco-British Summit, the Entente Cordiale Scholarships scheme is designed to promote higher education, to encourage contacts, and increase exchanges between France and the United Kingdom. The aim of the scheme is to challenge preconceived ideas by putting them to the test against the realities of life in France and the United Kingdom, at an age when impressions and friendships are made for life. The Entente Cordiale Scholarships are financed by the private sector and are intended for outstanding students. The Scholarships will provide for one academic year's study across the Channel.

 British applicants should be postgraduate students in the UK who wish to proceed further with studies or research in a French university or 'Grande Ecole'. The Scholarship is awarded for an academic year and covers registration fees, living expenses (the equivalent in Sterling of FF5,000 monthly in Paris and FF4,500 outside, calculated on the exchange rate at the dates of payment). Allowances are also given towards the purchase of books, and towards arrival and departure costs. Students who already benefit from another scholarship or financial help are not eligible for this scholarship.

 Application forms are available from Entente Cordiale Scholarships, Service Culturel, Ambassade de France, 23 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2EL (tel. 0171 838 2055, fax 0171 838 2088). Completed entries should be returned to this address by 31 January 1998.

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