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Approved for degrees and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Divinity

A. A. Macintosh, M.A., B.D., JN

Doctor of Letters

A. G. Cross, M.A., Ph.D., F

Doctor of Science

D. C. Clary, Ph.D., M R. J. Pankhurst, M.A., JE

D. C. D. Happold, M.A., PET J. G. Stevenson-Hinde, M.A., NH

A. B. Holmes, M.A., CL

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

J. M. Holmwood, EM

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

A. Abe, TH. The relationship between Japan and the European Community: domestic politics and transnational relations

S. O. Akech, W. Application of remote sensing and geographic information systems in land-cover mapping of Kerio-Valley, Kenya

N. J. Blunt, NH. Cellular response to topoisomerase-targeting anthraquinones

M. S. Boger, JN. Aspects of brushless doubly-fed induction machines

R. Bousso, JN. Pair creation of black holes in cosmology

S. Chawla, JN. Mechanisms controlling calcium-activated transcription in neuronal cells

Z. K. Chen, TH. Induction and maintenance of tolerance generated by temporary blockade of CD4 and CD8 on peripheral T cells in murine allo- and xenografts

J. R. Collington, CHU. Optically accessed electronic memory

T. Crook, CC. Growing knowledge - exploring knowledge practices in Bolivip, Papua New Guinea

R. F. Day, TH. Boundary integral simulations of inviscid flows in ink-jet printing

L. K. Donohue, CHU. Emergency legislation in the Northern Irish context

C. F. A. Dupont, JE. The effect of processing on structure and rheology of fresh acid-curd cheese

M. E-D. M. El-Mously, HH. Free vibration of cylindrical and hyperboloidal cooling-tower shells

M. E. Fandrich, TH. Impact mechanics of rigid and compliant bodies

V. C. Gandiya, PET. Storm theophany in the Hebrew Psalms, prophetic and wisdom literature and the attribution of socio-political roles to Yahweh in Ancient Israel

C. Gao, CLH. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the River Great Ouse, southern England

M. Gutperle, CHU. Dirichlet branes, Dirichlet instantons and string duality

A-M. Harte, DAR. The mechanics of braided composites

F. Hasan, G. State and local power relations in the towns of Gujarat: Surat and Cambay, c. 1572-1740

M. A. Higton, CL. The identity of Jesus Christ in the Church: an exploration in the theology of Hans Frei

A. D. Hingorani, CAI. Studies of candidate genes for essential hypertension and coronary artery disease

T. S. Jacques, CL. Integrin expression and function on neuroepithelial cells

M. E. Johnston, K. Bifurcations in lattice dynamical systems

C. S. Jones, CHU. Perceived and constructed landscapes in Neolithic Ireland

R. J. Keefe, JE. Theories and logic of vagueness

P. R. P. Killworth, T. Culture and power in the British Army: hierarchies, boundaries and construction

J-L. Kim, SE. The debate on the relations between the Churches of Scotland and England during the British Revolution (1633-1647)

E. G. Kitchener, CAI. Selective disorders of memory in neurological patients

D. M. Leppinen, TH. Aspects of convection

K. Lucke, Q. On representations of vertex operator algebras

A. J. McCann, CAI. Structure and sedimentology of the Late Silurian-Early Devonian basins of NW Spitsbergen

R. C. McDougall, CC. Schizosaccharomyces pombe: from sequence to function

H. A. McKee, JN. St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury: book-production in the tenth and eleventh centuries

J. N. Macoun, M. The mouse multidrug resistance (mdr1a) gene: expression analysis and gene targeting strategy

P. Mandal, CAI. Buckling of thin cylindrical shells under axial compression

C. J. A. P. Martins, DAR. Quantitative string evolution

C. D. Millen, HH. Women scientists, groups of women scientists, and the feminist critique of scientific knowledge

I. Möller, M. Wave attenuation over saltmarsh surfaces

T. R. Niesler, JN. Category-based statistical language models

A. J. Nimon, PET. Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) responses to tourist and other disturbances in Antarctica

M. L. Nowack, SE. Design guideline support for manufacturability

A. M. A. O'Leary, G. The Latin origins of the Irish apocryphal acts of the apostles

C. D. Orr, TH. Entrepôts, regional and global economic integration in East Asia

D. A. Orr, SE. Sovereignty, state and the law of treason in England, 1641-1649

J. H. W. Overhoff, CHR. Hobbes's theory of volition. Scientific premisses and ethical consequences

D. N. Y. Peel, CTH. The determinacy gene and environmental adaptation in the white lupin (Lupinus albus L. )

J. M. M. Place, DAR. Three-dimensional flow in core compressors

K. Politis, W. Approximations and nonparametric estimation for solutions of renewal-type equations

S. Raychaudhuri, CTH. Indian elites, urban space and the restructuring of Ahmedabad city, 1890-1947

M. J. Reading, M. The characterisation, serological epidemiology and latency of canine herpes virus-1

A. D. E. Reed, T. Anticipating individuals. Contemporary sociality in Papua New Guinea in the practice of imprisonment

S. M. Rizvi, DAR. The detection, isolation and characterisation of equine herpesviruses with particular reference to equine herpesvirus-2

G. G. Rooney, TH. Buoyant flows from fires in enclosures

J-L. H. Ryan, JN. The origin of perturbations of seismic reflections from below deformed Tertiary strata, North Sea

K. A. Seffen, CC. Analysis of structures deployed by tape-springs

M. R. Shaffer, PET. European Union decision-making and the Visegrads: a modified liberal intergovernmentalist analysis of the negotiations for the Europe Agreements

R. K. Staples, JE. Crustal structure above the Iceland mantle plume

J. Sundaram, DAR. Design of continuous prestressed concrete beam bridges using expert systems

V. Toledano Laredo, JN. Fusion of positive energy representations of LSpin2n

Á. J. Torrente, CTH. The sacred villancico in early eighteenth-century Spain: the repertory of Salamanca Cathedral

A. W. Tucker, PEM. In-vitro studies of transgenic pigs as potential organ donors in xenotransplantation

C. Wasmeier, CL. Molecular cloning of phogrin, a novel insulin secretory granule membrane protein

L. M. Watts, G. The American background to T. S. Eliot's early poetry 1908-1919

J. J. Wijetunge, HH. Velocity measurements in oscillatory and steady flows

C-C. Yang, DAR. Dimethylamine dehydrogenase and the recognition of alkyl ammonium ions

R. Zheng, HH. Experimental and numerical studies of laminar counterflow flames with water mist

R. W. Ziegler, DAR. Conflict and co-operation in an African city: informal settlements in Kampala

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


Q. M. Carroll, CTH  S. Meece, M

A. M. Dorse, G  D. J. Mercer, JN

J. M. Gore, Q  L. Mushokabanji, Q

T. Hagos, CAI  A. Omland, EM

A. Kaniari, W  V. J. Paz, DAR

N. A. La Bouff, JN  J. Shaw, W

C. Law, LC  B. C. Smoyer, PEM

A. M. Martin, TH  C. M. Whiting, M

J. P. Mattes, JE  S. R. Zakrzewski, JN


V. J. Fitzpatrick-Nash, CAI  S. E. Johns, CC

M. A. Gibson, DOW  S. Lester, HH


S. Bíró, JN  M. Kreibich, DAR

J-F. Chang, DAR  P. A. Watters, PEM


P. A. Bagyenda, CHU  M. F. Lim, Q

H. O. Bayrd, DAR  D. R. Mayer, CL

F. X. Bruynseels, ED  G. L. Moore, DOW

N. J. Cunniffe, DAR  J. H. Moyano, HH

D. Galea, G  T. D. Sharpe, G

J. C. K. Hankinson, JN  J. Vermaak, CC

P-W. J. Huang, HH  Á.Vétek, F

S. E. Johnson, JE  A. Villavicencio, HH

S. F. Knight, CHR  C. G. Wells, DOW

A-L. Korhonen, TH


R. K. Agbenu, CHU  S. G. Huber, CL

K. S. J. Brees, HH  K. F. Kam, SID

S. D'Andrea, LC  A. Pacek, HH

S. U. Daniel, JE  C. S. Procter, N

M. Diaz, HH  J. C. Schroeder, Q

A. Diss, HH


C. P. Birnie, CHU  G. K. Ooi, W

N. T. M. H. DR. Shehabuddeen, DAR  C. A. Rowe, CL

A. K. Etwire, CHU  B. I. Schmidt, HH

A. S. Faranski, CHU  W. K. Thong, DOW

Khuram Iqbal, DAR  G. T. van der Toorn, DAR

A. Lanzon, W


J. Agate, LC  D. J. Morgan, W

W. D. Dicey, M  J. S. Murray, SE

E. M. du Toit, EM  R. L. Price, CL

A. B. Evans, F  L. A. Risby, EM

C-L. E. Goh, SID  D. A. Roberts, LC

A. K. González Lützenkirchen, F  E. C. Robertson, ED

L-A. M. Hurlston, LC  D. M. Scotting, W

S. N. Lee, CAI  P. Temis, HH

J. Long, Q  S. von Graevenitz, DAR

C. R. McGeorge, Q  M. G. Wright, DOW

A. Marx, F


M. J. Cripps, HH  E. Sala, HH

J. K. Eastment, HH  L. A. Sargeant, W

S. S. Grewal, TH  A. G. Smith, SE

M. K. D. Heng, HH  M. K. Tulloch-Reid, F

C. D. McClung, HH  K. Vardulaki, F

K. L. Rennie, CC


G. Berends, Q  E. Jucca, CC

J. M. Dixon, DOW  M. M. Kim, PET

A. Eordogh, CC  N. J. Patterson, SID

E. A. Fordham, Q  N. T. Ribarova, W

P. S. Gajraj, LC  E. L. Solberg, ED

A. C. Hoffmann, TH  H. I. Svoboda, LC

M. R. Jasanoff, K  J. K. Weston, ED


C. Alkides, ED  G. F. Z. James, CTH

C. F. Anderson, CC  T. D. James, HH

P. A. W. Cooper, JE  O. V. Toutoubalina, T


H. Bowcott, CTH  M. J. Randall, CTH

R. J. Martin, T  P. J. F. Stacey, CAI


C. B. Abbot, DOW  E. S. Medeiros, CHR

K. M. Al-Hroub, Q  M. Mevius, CHU

B. E. Allen, T  C. O. Meyer, CC

L. Anguiano Rodriguez, SE  J. N. Miller, EM

I. C. Armstrong, Q  S. Mukherjee, G

P. K. Bains, NH  S. Nguyen, ED

B. Behan, PEM  B. J. Norris, R

R. E. Brigety II, SID  J. Ora, TH

C. J. C. Brun, R  S. W. Peach, DOW

M. P. Brzezicki, SE  S. M. D. Perrier, W

L. R. Canny, ED  M. K. Petersen, R

A. Cavdar, DAR  S. K. Randawa, CC

H. A. Christakos, N  K. L. C. Rasmussen, TH

S. P. Cowlam, DOW  J. C. Richards, HH

A. J. Craig, CHR  V. A. Roedenbeck-Galli, Q

E. R. Cropley, JN  P. Roter, HH

D. Cruise, Q  A. F. Russell, G

M. E. Cutts, Q  S. Sakkov, JN

S. S. Deshmukh, CC  J. Schultz, TH

W. R. de Villiers, F  V. N. Seidov, CHU

R. Dimitrov, ED  T. J. Shipman, CHU

G. D. A. Edmunds, CL  S. J. Sole, DOW

N. J. Gartside, F  R. J. Stammers, CC

A. W. G. Gates, T  C. J. L. Swann, T

M. N. Goldin, TH  B. J. Swift, TH

R. Gropas, NH  P. Tabone, CHU

R. L. Hardee, R  P. A. H. Taylor, CHU

P. A. R. Harrall, JN  B. M. Thomas, W

G. V. Krasnov, W  T. M. Tomaszewska, PEM

G. McFeely, W  A. Ural, W

P. A. McMahon, ED  T. M. Vellacott, EM

A. T. Macqueen, PEM  Y. Xiong, HH

P. R. Mansell, Q  F. Zahra, NH

A. G. N. Masurel, EM  B. Zhou, ED


P. S. Cahn, EM  I. Guevara-Bernal, JN

D. Franco-Montoya, JN  B. Panés Goday, NH

M. Giuliano, F


J. B. Rendle, W


J. G. Allen, CTH  E. L. Meek, CL

M. A. Aloisio, R  A. H. Merrills, T

M. Brosh, NH  L. C. Metcalfe, F

M. G. Büttner, PEM  M. Müller, F

C. E. Chideock, TH  M. C. Punshon, JE

J. Davis, JE  M. J. Spinella, ED

H. F. Doherty, Q  N. D. Stead, W

T. J. Grade, JE  T. M. Westervelt, F

M. R. V. Heale, CAI  R. J. Williams, CAI

M. D. Holmes, PET  T. A. Williams, JN

A. Kim, PET


S. L. Zink, JE


N. B. T. Whitehead, K


D. P. Chugg, EM  J. T. Llewellyn, SE

F. M. Dennis, EM  G. Nuti, K

E. L. Eyrich, LC  S. R. Phillippo, CAI

M. Francis, CTH  B. Rucha, N

M. M. Lavy, JE  R. H. Stewart-MacDonald, CTH


C. Soennichsen, R


A. A. Ahmed, W  B-S. E. Panton, CLH

A. Barros, F  T. Papaliou, DAR

Hurelbaatar, K  R. N. Roche, PET

E. L. McDonough, DOW  H. E. Rosenfeld, DAR

A. F. Müller, JN  P. Schwarz, K

M. S. Olesen, CLH


S. Akhter, F  A. N. Rahman-Khan, K

T. A. Heron, HH  N. Shaikh, N

K. Kawase, SE  J. D. Stephen, ED

M. Kubisz, TH  I. M. Woyseth, M

B. Padiyath, HH


M. Sclavi, W

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering to the following:

E. Abate, W  S. J. Fasham, CHR

S. H. Carrière, TH  R. Mathieu, W

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Earth Sciences)

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Geography, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Earth Sciences) to the following:

A. S. Main, M

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Cambridge University Reporter, 12th November 1997
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