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Philosophical Society

On Monday, 10 November 1997, at 8.30 p.m. in the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site, Professor Peter Donnelly, of the University of Oxford, will deliver a lecture entitled Statistics and controversies in forensic DNA profiling. All who are interested are invited. There will be a short business meeting before the lecture. This will be a joint meeting with the Society for the Application of Research.

 At a meeting held on 27 October, in the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site, Dr A. J. Munro, President-Elect, was in the Chair.

 Dr P. F. Leadlay, of the Department of Biochemistry, delivered a lecture entitled Chemistry meets Biology - how bacteria synthesize drugs. A vote of thanks was moved by Professor J. O. Thomas, F.R.S.


The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on Monday, 27 October 1997 in the Arts School, Bene't Street, at 4.30 p.m. Sir Sam Edwards, President, was in the Chair.
1. The Treasurer presented the audited accounts for the period January to December 1996.
2. The following Officers and Members of the Council were elected for the year 1998:
   President: Dr A. J. Munro

Vice-Presidents: Professor P. P. G. Bateson, Professor T. M. Cox, Professor M. F. Ashby

Treasurer: Dr A. V. Edwards

Secretaries: Dr A. M. Campbell (Physical), Dr J. D. Mollon (Biological), Dr J. M. E. Hyland (Mathematical)

Ordinary Members of Council who continue: Professor J. E. Field, Dr D. Husain, Dr R. G. Boutilier, Professor P. Gray, Dr B. T. Grenfell, Professor D. G. Crighton

New Ordinary Members of Council: Professor M. Ashburner, Dr M. A. Tester, Dr C. L-H. Huang, Dr R. A. Wood, Sir Sam Edwards, Professor A. P. Dowling

3. Twenty Fellows were elected and one was re-elected. It was reported that since the last Annual General Meeting nine Fellows had died and 263 had resigned.
4. Messrs Peters, Elworthy and Moore were appointed to act as Auditors for the year 1997.


A one-day meeting on Animal thought will be held in the Pippard Lecture Theatre, Cavendish Laboratory, on Monday, 8 December 1997, starting at 10 a.m. This will be an interdisciplinary meeting open to all members, of the University. The speakers are Professor Marian Dawkins, Dr Celia Heyes, Professor Daniel Dennett, Professor Richard Byrne, and Professor Robin Dunbar.

 Applications should be made in writing to Miss J. M. W. Thomas, Executive Secretary, Cambridge Philosophical Society, Bene't Street, Cambridge, CB2 3PY, for the full programme. [The first 120 Fellows of the Society to apply will be offered free lunch.]

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Cambridge University Reporter, 5th November 1997
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