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Trinity College

Elected into a Professorial Fellowship under Title D:
  Peter Brent Littlewood, Professor of Physics (1966)

Elected into Staff Fellowships under Title C:

  Sachiko Kusukawa, College Assistant Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science

Vivien Anne Law, College Lecturer in Linguistics and University Lecturer in History of Linguistics

John Ronald Lister, College Lecturer in Mathematics and University Lecturer in Theoretical Geophysics

Mary Teresa Josephine Webber, College Lecturer in Palaeography

Elected into Research Fellowships under Title A:

  Anthony Roger Wilson Cox, for research in History

Andrew George Green, for research in Physics

Ananya Jahanara Kabir, for research in Anglo-Saxon

Priyamvada Natarajan, for research in Astrophysics

Oliver Maxim Riordan, for research in Mathematics

John Paul Damian Taras-Semchuk, for research in Physics

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Cambridge University Reporter, 5th November 1997
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