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Some particulars of the following vacancies may be seen at the University Registry, The Old Schools, during office hours:
University of Hull
  Professor of English Literature
Queen's University, Belfast
  Lecturers in Social Anthropology, and Ethnomusicology
University of Botswana
  Lecturer in Environmental Science
University of Cape Town
  Lecturer in Oceanography
University of Natal
  Lecturer in Metamorphic Petrology
University of Swaziland
  Professor/ Associate Professor of Economics

Associate Professors/Senior Lecturers/Lecturers in Law, Computer Science, Crop Production, Environmental Science, Geography

Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Academic Communication Skills

Lecturer in Educational Foundations and Management

Coordinator, Student Services Unit

University of the West Indies, Jamaica
  Professor of Educational Research and Measurement
Australian National University
  Professor of Human Geography
University of Queensland
  Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Architecture
Chinese University of Hong Kong
  Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  Assistant Professor in Therapeutic Radiography
University of Auckland
  Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, and Economics

Lecturers in Environmental Engineering, and Statistics

University of Canterbury
  Lecturers in Computer Science, and Management
University of Otago
  Executant Lecturer in Music (Violin)

Academic vacancies are also publicized on the Noticeboard of the computer NISS Information Gateway (National Information on Software and Services). The URL for Vacancies is http://www.niss.ac.uk/noticeboard/.

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