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German-Cambridge Society

The Society offers one award of DM 7,500 (approximately £2,500) to a Graduate Student of the University who wishes to study at a German university or similar institution for one semester or longer. Although all subjects are eligible, preference will be given to candidates who will make a contribution to public life (e.g. students of education, law, medicine or politics).

 Applications should comprise: (a) a curriculum vitae, (b) a detailed study proposal, (c) details of financial resources needed and any available to the applicant, and (d) the names of two referees, who should be asked to send separate letters of support.

 The selection of the award-holder will be carried out on behalf of the German-Cambridge Society by the Committee of Management of the Kurt Hahn Trust. Applications and references should therefore be sent to the Secretary, The Kurt Hahn Trust, University Offices, The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TN, to reach him by 13 March 1998.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29th October 1997
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