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Trinity College

The following awards have been made:

Research Scholarships: Anderson, J. F., Blomley, M. J. H., Codirla, C., Dasgupta, T., Dawes, J. H. P., de Rivaz, P. F. C., Dolby, C. E., Essex, D. W., Hacking, P. A., Hills, A. E., Hunt, T. J. W., Kwarteng, K. A. A., McCullagh, M. O., Morgenstern, D. A., Nair, N., Rangwala, G., Rothwell, P., Saikia, A., Smith, P. M., Smith, R. J. Smith, Teo, C. T., Tripathi, V., Tyree, J. M., Whyte, J. R. C., Wierzba, J., Wilson, B. D.

Internal Graduate Studentships: Blomley, M. J. H., Codirla, C., Dixon, H. M., Dolby, C. E., Duncan, J. E., Hallam, N., Hong, S-S. G., Hunt, T. J. W., Lamb, A., Lee, J., Rangwala, G., Rothwell, P., Saikia, A., Schulte, K., Smith, P. M., Smith, R.J., Snurnikov, V., Tchernetska, N., Tripathi, V., Tyree, J. M., Wagner, F., Wegener, L. G. L., Wierzba, J.

Organ Scholarship: Williams, M.

Choral Exhibitions: Allsop, M. P. B., Arnold, C. E. J., Bennett, R. A. J., Deeming, H. L., Gardner, S., Leithead, H.W., McCarey, A. C. H., Sanders, A. J., Williams, G. F.


Trinity College offers up to two Studentships of value £5,295 (in 1997-98) together with fees and certain allowances, equivalent to a British Academy postgraduate award for one year, to enable the holder of a Humanities Research Board studentship or similar award to undertake linguistic study in preparation for subsequent research. The Studentships are available only to those whose projected subject of research requires a knowledge of some particularly difficult language, and are intended primarily for students wishing to do research in Asian, East European, African or Latin-American studies. For one of the Studentships preference will be given to candidates who wish to study a Slavonic language.

 The award will be conditional upon the candidate's obtaining a British Academy or similar major research award, and becoming a member of Trinity College. The Linguistic Studentship may be held first if the holder has permission to defer the tenure of the research award; in other cases it may be held in the year after expiry of the major research award.

 Further particulars may be obtained from the Tutor for Advanced Students, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ, and completed application forms must reach him no later than 1 April 1998.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29th October 1997
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