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Approved for degrees and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

F. H-T.. Allain, DAR. Structure determination of protein-RNA complexes by NMR spectroscopy

R. E. Allan, PEM. The reactivity of p-block dimethylamide reagents and beyond

H. Bachmann, G. Arthur Schnitzler's Der junge Medardus as drama, screenplay and film

S. C. Ball, PEM. Studies on new mono- and di-lithiated complexes of organic molecules

C. J. Barnett, HH. Development of anodes for low temperature fuel cells

P. G. Batchelor, JE. Militarisation, disarmament and defence industrial adjustment: the case of South Africa

M. J. Black, F. Electrical phenomena observed at Nb-Si superconductor-semiconductor interfaces

J. D. Bray, T. The emergence of free indirect thought: from Richardson to Austen

D. G. Burnett, T. El Dorado on paper: traverse surveys and the geographical construction of British Guiana, 1803-1844

J. Y. P. Chang, CHU. The history of diplomatic relations between the Republic of China on Taiwan and the European Community and its member states

N. L. Cromhout, CHU. Aspects of osmium cluster chemistry

K. P. Croot, CC. Phonological disruption in progressive aphasia and Alzheimer's Disease

M. H. A. Dar, PEM. A comparative analysis of sharecropping and mudaraba business in Pakistan: a study of PLS in the context of the new theory of the firm

P. H. Donohoe, SID. Factors effecting metabolic rate reduction during hibernation in the frog, Rana temporaria

S-C. Fan, PEM. High pressure dc sputter deposition of YBa2Cu307-x thin films

K. H. Fordham, TH. Self-esteem, friendship and shyness during middle childhood

M. A. E. Fox, CLH. Augustinian hexameral exegesis in Anglo-Saxon England: Bede, Alcuin, Ælfric and Old English biblical verse

J. D. F. Franklin, JN. Edge states in the fractional quantum Hall regime

A. U. Gerhard, R. Synthesis of homochiral thiazolium catalysts

E. Giovannetti, T. Technology adoption and regional asymmetries

A. S. Gutterman, Q. Innovation: the role of patents and antitrust and competition law regulation of patent licensing arrangements - a comparative analysis of the United States and the European Community

J. J. M. Halls, JN. Photoconductive properties of conjugated polymers

S. H. Harris, M. The tradition of humanist narrative in the work of Jakob Wassermann (1873-1934)

R. B. Hinton, TH. Health in transition: the Bhutanese refugees

B. Holst, TH. Atom optics and surface growth studies using helium atom scattering

R. J. Howes, CL. Activation and inhibition of the Drosophila EGF receptor in development

S. Hwang, CHU. Essays on long memory processes and volatility

A. A. Inamdar, TH. The ecological consequences of elephant depletion

A. Itoh, HH. Spontaneous debonding of thermally sprayed coatings

E. M. James, JN. Development and characterisation of advanced field emission tips

H-W. Jia, JE. Selective excitation in high-resolution NMR for determination of coupling constants and internuclear distances

M. Jonas, G. Electron spin resonance dating and dosimetry of tooth enamel

T. G. S. Landen, R. Synthesis and characterisation of heterometallic ruthenium carbonyl clusters

A. D. Lawrence, DAR. Executive functions and memory in Huntington's disease

J. Lei, HH. Time-resolved investigations of fundamental collisional processes of electronically excited strontium and barium atoms generated by laser excitation

S. Liu, CAI. NMR studies of inorganic solids

A. J. Loan, SE. Radio surveys as probes of the nearby and distant universe

M. G. Lolla, CLH. 'Monuments' and 'texts': antiquarianism and literature in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Britain

P. J. Marshall, R. Behavioural inhibition, heart period, and heart period variability in young children and their mothers

S. J. Meadows, TH. The development and differentiation of the chorionic girdle in equids

R. A. Mellor, HH. Surface structural studies of oxide catalysts

P. S. Mitchell, K. The life and works of Mirzâde-ye 'Eshqi

T. Mitrelias, W. The influence of acoustic wave excitation on heterogeneous catalysis at the gas-solid interface

J. S. Morris, CL. Chromosome abnormalities in breast cancer cell lines

D. P. E. Muir, ED. Relationships in education: modern dilemmas and a Socratic alternative

A. M. Murphy, DOW. Clustering in particulate metal matrix composites

S. Y. Neo, CLH. The role of multidrug resistance-associated protein in drug transport

I-K. Ng, TH. TEM characterisation of III-V semiconductor multiple quantum well structures

G. B. Ní Dhúill, T. Autobiography and fiction in George Sand

G. C. Nixon, M. Coherent non-linear optical processes in quantum wells

R. J. Ormeño, Q. Investigation of the microwave properties of cuprates using a sapphire resonator

J. H. Park, CAI. Genome sequence analysis and methods

L. C. Parlett, T. Molecules in circularly polarized light

I. K. Patterson, K. Cultural critique and canon formation, 1910-1937. A study in modernism and cultural memory

R. H. H. Pearson, DAR. Studies of ruthenium and osmium carbonyl clusters with selected organic ligands

C. J. Pickup, TH. A study of the annealing and mechanical behaviour of electrodeposited Cu-Ni multilayers

A. Plowman, JE. The representation of radical subjectivity in recent German autobiography

B. E. Rafferty, T. Probing electronic structure near the bandgap region using electron energy loss spectroscopy

M. O. Ransford, EM. Sperm competition in the 2-spot ladybird, Adalia bipunctata

C. Rauer, EM. Beowulf and dragon-fights in early medieval hagiography

H. F. E. Ray, T. The 1684 French Jesuit mission to China

J. P. Read, JN. Molecular electric response properties and long-range interactions including applications to the fullerenes

B. C. Regan, JN. Fruits, foliage and form: the roles of colour vision

J. Riese, DAR. The nuclear response to cell signalling during Drosophila endoderm induction

R. W. Ruhwandl, CC. Colloid particles in liquid crystals

A. M. South, CHR. A novel broad-band laser ranging spectrometer for the measurement of tropospheric composition: development and first vertical profiles

T. P. Stern, EM. A history of rehearsal in the British professional theatre from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century

J. W. Stewart, TH. The metallurgy and metallography of archaeological iron

F-L. Sun, Q. Overexpression of the mouse insulin-like growth factor II gene: a transgenic mouse model for human Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome

A. L. Sydenham, W. Iwasawa theory for the symmetric square of an elliptic curve

D. de. F. Takeuti, HH. Thermal radiative properties of ion-implanted silicon and titanium and cobalt silicides

Y-M. Teh, CL. B cell antigen receptor expression and signalling

S. F. Teng, ED. Immunoglobulins binding ligands

K. J. Thomas, F. Transport properties of high mobility one-dimensional electron gases

D. I. Thomson, CAI. Ab-initio computer simulations in the study of metallic behaviour: gallium impurities in aluminium grain boundaries

P. K. Tompkin, PEM. The synthesis and reactivity of transition metal complexes containing naked Group 15 ligands

H. M. Velázquez, K. Dynamics of disc galaxies and their satellites

L. C. O. Welsh, K. X-ray diffraction studies of filamentous bacteriophages

P. A. White, JE. Two for one? The role of the Armadillo gene and its vertebrate homologs in adhesion and signalling in Drosophila

P. J. Williams, JE. Studies in the syntax of the Peshitta of 1 Kings

E. J. Winn, JE. The fabrication and properties of an in-situ reinforced ceramic

D. Xing, CHU. Optimisation of motion-encoding in MRI using Bayesian analysis

P. A. Zanna, JN. Aspects of the orthography of early Hiberno-Latin texts

Master of Science

K. A. Nelson, PET. Development of a 1 GHz deadtimeless TDC system for use in the measurement of Re(epsilon´/epsilon) in the NA48 experiment at CERN

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


G. S. Denholm, CLH  S. St. C. Mills, LC

N. Hallam, T


Y. H. Grad, CHU


T. Masaike, DOW  Z. Shaameri, DAR


M. Bosch Dalmau, DAR  S. Y. C. Fong, DAR

A. Datta, DOW  M. Tsuchiya, TH


K. A. Dixon, CL


N. Blythe, Q  I. Teodorescu, DAR

L. M. Maulsby, CL  D. S. Walker, DAR


J. J. Becker, W  D. M. Pirie, PEM

P. R. Hawksworth, Q  K. Takizawa, ED

K. J. Hutchinson, R M. J. Villena, SE

M. O. Khan, ED  M. G. Villena-Chamorro, SE

E. O. A. Mensah, CAI


C. R. Ellis, T  T. D. Penn, CL

N. L. Green, JN  D. Quentin, PEM

A. J-T. Huang, T  K. A. Quinn, K

J. W. Kelly, PEM  G. G. Shuffelton, T

R. C. Leitch, N  K. D. Trivedi, PET

T. E. Lockwood, G  A. M. Woollam, EM

A. N. Lynn, M  A. E. Zurcher, K

S. M. F. Pendrous, T


N. Clark, F  M. I. Mpholo, SE

E. R. A. D. Foo, DOW  F. Sabri, T

M. C. Hersam, CHU  L. C. J. Tan, DOW

S. P. Keller, CHU  Y. T. Tan, F

P. A. Lewis, F


O. Ali de Unzaga, W  S. R. Quah, ED

T. El-Leithy, DAR  R. S. Rajan, W

R. D. Gilinsky, SE  C. Rossi, G

N. J. Heys, CC  R. J. Wilson, K

Z. A. Hirji, CAI


B. S. Allen, CHU  R. Gütig, M

J. S. Bloom, EM  M. Jalloh, F

A. C. Durst, CHU  El. H. S. Sadki, T

S. O. C. Giraud, SE  A. Steuwer, CAI

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Chemistry)

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Chemistry) to the following:

C. R. T. Maunder, N

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Materials Science and Metallurgy)

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Materials Science and Metallurgy) to the following:

J. E. Manning, ED J. T. Sebastian, CHU

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29th October 1997
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