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Examination in Theology for the M.Phil. Degree (one-year course), 1998: Notice

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Divinity give notice that, with effect from the examination to be held in 1998, the following additional language may be offered in fulfilment of the requirements for the exercises for the one-year course in Theology for the M.Phil. Degree (Regulation 1(d)):

Subject N. Sanskrit

This paper will contain passages for translation from Hindu and/or Buddhist texts which the Board shall from time to time prescribe, together with questions on the language and content of those texts.

 Candidates will be required to translate three passages from the prescribed texts from Sanskrit into English and to answer questions on their language and content, to translate sentences from English into Sanskrit, and to translate one unseen passage from Sanskrit into English.

The following set texts are prescribed for this paper:

 Mahabharata 2.66-68 (Poona edition, 1933-66)

 Hitopadesa, extracts 2-11 (C. R. Lanman, A Sanskrit Reader, pp. 16-35)

 Bhagavadgita ch. 3-4.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29th October 1997
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