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Royal Historical Society: British and Irish history bibliographies


The project seeks graduate students to assist in the compilation of the second edition of a comprehensive bibliography of British and Irish history. The work, which is based in Cambridge, is funded by a grant from the Newton Trust, and assistants must be registered with the Cambridge Board of Graduate Studies. They will be employed by the Royal Historical Society, and assistants who are not EU nationals will need appropriate permission.

 Assistants will be employed on an hourly basis at the rate of £6.50 per hour. The amount of work undertaken will depend on the needs of the project and the circumstances of the assistants employed, and there will be no fixed hours of work, but applicants should be in a position to commit an average of at least six hours a week to the project. Work will start during November and will continue for about three months. A reasonable knowledge of British history, together with previous experience of bibliographical or editorial work, would be an advantage, but applicants need not be undertaking research in the Faculty of History if they possess appropriate skills and experience.

 Applicants should write to or e-mail the Project Editor (Peter Salt, 5 Willow Walk, Cambridge, CB1 1LA; e-mail spsalt@rhsbib.u-net.com), including a brief curriculum vitae, and naming an academic referee. Applications should arrive no later than 7 November 1997.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 22nd October 1997
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